What Makes the Difference Between Winners and Losers?

It’s an important question. What makes some people get ahead in life while some others not? While other factors such as luck also play role, I believe the single most important element that makes the difference between them is consistency of doing small things everyday.

Let’s take an example in the case of writers. Writer A consistently writes 2 hours everyday, while writer B writes 2 hours only every other day due to his inconsistency. In one week, writer A will have spent 14 hours in writing while writer B will have spent only 7 hours. That is 7 hours difference in only one week. Let’s see how the numbers (in hours) evolve over longer period of time:

Time 1 Week 1 Month 1 Year 5 Years 10 Years
Writer A 14 56 728 3640 7280
Writer B 7 28 364 1820 3640
Difference 7 28 364 1820 3640

Can you see the difference? Though both writers start at the same time, in only one year A will already be ahead of B by 364 hours. The distance between them gets further and further as time passes. After 10 years, A can no longer see B on the horizon since B will already be left behind by 3640 hours! Imagine what A could have achieved that B couldn’t because A has an extra 3640 hours. That’s a big, big difference. And remember, such huge difference comes only from A being consistent while B is not.

That’s why daily habits are very important. What you do daily might seem small, but overtime it will make huge difference. Do you know how success is built? Here it is:

Success is built inch-by-inch, everyday.

Other people might despise what you do daily since it seems small. Anyway, it’s only one inch, what’s so important about it? People like to see something big, they don’t like to see such small thing. But there’s something they forget: that one inch you build daily will become a “hill” in one year, and a “mountain” in ten years.


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  2. I agree that it depends on how dedicated we are in doing our task. It’s important that we establish a means of motivating ourself to keep on doing the things we need to do. I think It’s very much applicable to almost everything we do.

  3. As you said Alan, motivation is indeed very important, especially if we are to do something consistently for long time. I think it’s clarity of purpose and goals that mainly gives us the motivation we need.

  4. Great article. This should be a good realization to everyone that success doesn’t only recognize intelligent and smart people but the level of dedication we put on our task in order to finish it.

  5. Thanks, Pamela. Your comment reminds me of a quote by Calvin Coolidge:

    Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination are omnipotent.

  6. […] Scott H Young, a fellow PBN blogger, recently published an e-book entitled How to Change a Habit. As you know, daily habits are very important; in fact, it makes the difference between winners and losers. This e-book comprehensively covers the ins and outs of installing and uninstalling habits and is very enlightening for me. It’s an expansion of Scott’s popular Habitual Mastery series. Don’t forget to also check his free e-book on holistic learning. […]

  7. Studio enginer in Hollywood
    Studio enginer in Hollywood

    I agree with the statement.From a writers aspect in music I understand what it means to spend hours writing vrs. some one else who rarely writes.The difference in the music is completly different from some one who is dedicated compared to some one who thinks laziness pays off.The difference in the music is you can hear the quality in style and the composition.The lazier indevisual who thinks the lazier way is best normaly end up reling on some one else to do the work for them and its proven that the lazy ones end up sitting on the couch waching tv,slepping and resenting the fact that the one who did the work are now on their way to reaching their goals.The winners always try reguardless of profession and stay focused.The losser put little effort into what ever it might be and its noticable in their every day life.Winners say “I can” and lossers say ” Mabey tommarow or I’m burnt out” Do you know where you stand? Ask your self”Am I a winner or a losser?”

  8. I am also a studio enginer and producer.Through the years I have worked with thousands of bands and read their charachters.The recording prosses you will see who will make it and who will not.Most instances one person was writing and recording the music while the other band mates relied on that one indevisuall.What happens is the one writing and recording the music always played the best live while the other followers who took the easy route couldnt performe well at all.Later down the road the one doing the work was noticed and signed to a major label while the others cursed himed and went home empty handed.Sone after the ones who went home gossiped about the indevisual who made it and now they realized that they to could have made.I have also seen some indevisuals turn it arround by getting their act together and later where greatfull to have put their time into the prodject.The point is if you want to go any where you have to force your self and enjoy at the same time what you are doing.There is no I in team which means there is no front man.Every one in a band is equal untill they start giving up or getting selfish then those indevisuals will eventually be weeded out while the others live their dream.Winners always strive to maintain and the losers will eventualy spend their time on the couch telling stories on how they contributed to the effort and was kicked out.Untill you realize hard work is the only way to get some where Just remeber theres always luck.I wouldnt rely on luck to get you any where though.

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  11. Great idea Donald!. I think of it like a bank account. Slow and steady is a surefire way to financial success. Of course big deposits occur at times, but real growth comes from many small deposits over a long period of time. Then one day you wake up and see the beauty of compound annual interest…cha ching!

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