Links for 29 January 2007

Here are some interesting links:

  • 13 Things I Wish I Learned In College
    This article offers some good tips on how you can be successful in the workplace. It tries to compare the real world with the college world and highlights the difference between them.
  • A Successful Failure
    Through this post, Craig Harper motivates you that you can be successful through failures. He gives a lot of examples from his remarkable life.
  • I’ll Get You Back Up to Speed Academically in Two Weeks via Lifehack
    Gary North gives you 15 free lessons in 15 days to make you well prepared academically. The lessons cover topics such as Budget Your Time, How to Read a Textbook and How to Write.
  • 8 Ways to Exercise Your Brain
    This article gives you 8 ways to stay mentally sharp, among which are playing head games, remembering password, and learning new language.
  • My Procrastination Hacks
    Procrastination is a major obstacle to productivity. In this article you will get some cool tips on overcoming procrastination, which include turning off the TV, starting strong and planning ahead.