How to Learn from Your Daily Experience

Have you ever experienced that time has passed so fast? Before you notice it, one day or even one week has passed. In another circumstances, you may feel that you have just made your new year’s resolution, but suddenly you reach another new year. Time flies.

Thus, it is very important for you to use your days wisely. Don’t let even one day passes without fully utilizing it. And one way to utilize your days is by learning from your daily experience.

streamingIf you really try to learn from your days, you will have 365 to 366 opportunities to learn each year. And that’s quite a lot of opportunities! I bet you will be a very different person after only one year.

How do you learn from your daily experience? Here’s how:

  1. Be eager
    This is the first step. Be eager to learn. Being eager will open your eyes to every situation in your life from which you can learn something. If you are not eager, those opportunities will just pass. Being eager make your mind alert of every opportunities that lay around.
  2. Have an open mind
    To make the most of those opportunities, you need to have an open mind. Try to see from different perspectives. Try to see from other people’s worldview. Try to put those things in context. In this point, you can ask questions: In what area do I need to change? What have other people done better than me? What can I learn from it? And so on.
  3. Write what you learn
    You need to write what you learn. It’s important. First of all, writing force you to think about it more thoroughly. You cannot write something which is still vague. Secondly, it can remind you about those lessons anytime in the future. It’s amazing to see how fast people forget. Writing your lessons ensure you that you will not lose them.
  4. Be willing to change
    This is the most difficult part of all. Now that you have gotten the lessons you learn, you need to absorb them to your life. To do so, you need to change. It can be changing your habits, perspectives, or attitudes. Whatever it is, it’s not easy because people tend to stay where they are. Changing means going out of your comfort zone, and people don’t like it. Yet, not changing simply means not growing. If you are to grow, you need to change, even if it means that you must go out of your comfort zone.

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