Good Success vs Bad Success

Everybody wants to be successful. In fact, everybody works with a hope that they will be successful someday. Is it good to be successful ? I believe everybody would say yes. But, is it always good to be successful ? Or there are times when success is actually not good ?

Well, I think there are actually two kinds of success: good success and bad success. Someone may seem to be successful, but there is no guarantee that it’s a good success. Probably that’s a bad one. Hence, it is important for us to distinguish between these two kinds of success to make sure that we are not falling to the wrong one.

What is good success ? In my opinion, good success is the one which comes from doing the principles of truth. And principles of truth are those which go in accordance with our conscience.

Too many times people try to be successful without obeying their conscience. They may try to take shortcuts to success, or they may sacrifice their family, friends or other people for the sake of success. And indeed, they can be successful. People around them would say that they are successful. Unfortunately, that is just bad success, and bad success will eventually do them more harm than good.

On the other hand, many people try to follow their conscience, but they get discouraged along the way. Why ? Because they see that other people who do it the wrong way are more successful than them ! Why should they do it the right way then ?

Well, they just don’t realize that all the “success” they see is actually nothing but bad success. They can’t distinguish between bad success and good success. If they can, they won’t get discouraged and instead they would get excited. Why ? Because they know that – whether slowly or not – they are now building good success which is the right kind of success !

So it’s up to you: which kind of success do you want ?

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  1. you are absolutely right…

  2. The principle of good success and bad one is a great truth that everyone need to know.Thanks for this revelation tips.

  3. Good advice. It’s will be great if one allows his conscience be guided by his creator – God hence he will truly end well and that rightly because pleasing God is the ultimate to true living

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