Be Excellent by Raising Your Standard

Some days back I listened to an audio book titled Unleash the Power Within by Anthony Robbins. One thing I got is how to achieve excellence. Actually there are three levels mentioned there: poor, good, and extraordinary. But of course we all want to be extraordinary, right ?

Consequently, being extraordinary means that we must be excellent. But what is the key to excellence ? Here it is, loud and clear: raise your standard.

streamingRaising your standard means that you may not stop in the place where you are right now. You must move forward to the next level. You must demand more and more from yourself.

But regarding raising the standard, how do you know that you have really raised your standard and not just staying in the same place ? How do you know that you have demanded enough from yourself ? These two questions bother me and make me think. I really wanted to know the answer. After thinking about it, at last I get this conclusion: raising your standard means putting yourself in an inconvenient place. You raise your standard if you demand yourself in such a way that you feel inconvenient. You raise your standard if you demand yourself for something outside of your comfort zone.

When I see myself, this is what happen regarding my study right now. I’ve got a convenient job in Indonesia. And by the standard there, my knowledge is already relatively deep. But now I leave my job and go abroad to a place where the standard is much higher. Previously, I could put certain amount of effort to get the result I wanted (such as A grade). But now, I must put much higher amount of effort and still there is no guarantee that I can get it. It is inconvenient for me. But I know this is the right thing to do: I’m now raising my standard.

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  1. Hi there, Just wanted to thank you for this post……..

    I found it most helpful as I am about to raise my standards and send a list to my coach. I’ve never really had the experience of setting higher standards and wanted to know some other peoples thoughts on the subject. I really like the questions you posed to yourself. I know now that if it feels right but a bit uncomfortable then it must be done!! Thank you very much!

    I know you will be extraordinary!!!

  2. Thanks, Sally! I know you will be extraordinary too 🙂

  3. Excellent, just what i was looking for, thanks.

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