Holiday – Home Sweet Home

At last I’ve completed my study this semester. I’ve done my last exam on Friday (December 1), and since Sunday (December 3) I’ve been back home in Surabaya, Indonesia. It is relieving to have the holiday after spending month after month working on hard assignments and exams. At last I can be a bit relax now to restore my energy for the next semester :).

It’s nice to be at home. Singapore is a beautiful place, but I feel at home here in Indonesia. I think the reason is probably because the culture is friendlier and less stressful. Besides meeting family and friends (which of course is a very important part of holiday), I hope I can also improve myself during this holiday. I will have more time to reflect and think and that is a great opportunity for my personal development.

On the other side, I only have limited Internet connection now (dial-up, to be precise). Thus, I won’t be as active as before on the Internet. However, I’d like to keep this blog run as usual.

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  1. […] As I’ve written before, I’m now in vacation. And I should admit that in this first week of the vacation, my workflow is a mess. Usually I organize my workflow using GTD which I follow faithfully. In this recent week however, I decided to set aside “outcome-oriented” things and went fully to the “vacation mode”. No to-do list, no calendar, and – in the first several days – even no emails. I just enjoy myself and try to do new things than what I usually do. […]

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