Productivity Posts in Problogger Group Writing Project

I’ve joined Problogger Group Writing Project with my post How to Become a Maven (Mr. Know Everything). As you can see from the project’s web site, the total number of entries is 343 ! I’ve scrolled through them to find any posts related to personal productivity, and here are what I find:

You can go and check them out to get some tips on life optimization.

Well, it’s great to see so many good blogs out there that I never know before. Even more exciting is the fact that I can get more insight about how the blogosphere works. It’s cool !


  1. Donald,

    Thank you for the link – I’m glad you found my post about turning ideas into reality worthwhile. And I’m glad you’ve popped over and commented on Instigator Blog as well!

  2. You’re welcome Ben, and thank you for the good post.

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