Optimize Your Day with Audio Learning

Audio learning is a very good way to optimize your day. One obvious reason is because nowadays knowledge and information grows very rapidly beyond our ability to cope with it. The only way to handle it is by increasing our learning ability. We must learn to take information at higher and higher rate. We cannot learn the way we used to be.

One way to do it is by finding more time to learn. We must try to convert some time which normally are not used for learning into learning.

For this purpose, audio learning is a very good solution. There are several reasons for this:

  1. Audio learning allows us to learn something while we are doing something else
    It means that we can finish the tasks at hand while at the same time learning something new about the world. Audio learning allows us to achieve more within a given time.
  2. Audio learning doesn’t take extra time
    Since we are supposed to do those tasks anyway, adding audio learning while doing those tasks won’t cost us extra time. We simply add more value to that time. We increase the quality of the time without increasing the quantity of time required.
  3. Audio learning teaches us to learn in different way
    Many people – me included – are visual learner. They normally learn through what they see than through other methods. Or they learn through what they read more than anything else. While this is a good thing, this may no longer be sufficient in this age of fast-pacing world. We must open our mind to new learning methods. Audio learning teaches us to be auditory learners who learn through what we listen to.

I think this three reasons are enough to emphasize the importance of audio learning. In this fast-pacing world, audio learning is clearly the way to go.


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  3. Very good advices, I myself listen to podcasts while walking through our city park. Double utility!

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  5. I totally agree! I have several podcasts apps as they are my newest addiction! I can listen while I’m driving or doing stuff around the house. Any moment to squeeze in learning or meditation is a moment not wasted! I was always a visual learner, and still am, but am becoming an audio learner as well! I even play Law of Attraction podcasts & affirmations while sleeping! Technology (and my iphone) rocks!

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