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Note: This post is written by Julie Petersen Unlike geometry and chemistry, the skills you learn in your writing classes will actually take you pretty far in life, that is if you invest the time needed to hone your skills. Here are eight practical reasons why it’s important to improve your writing skills, as well as  [ Read More ]

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Here we are in 2016. Before the New Year, I wrote about how to review your year. Now that we are already in 2016, I’d like to continue that post with how to make this year great. Here are four ways to make this year great for you: 1. Start a new project. A new  [ Read More ]

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2016 is coming soon, and you can start 2016 with a blog of your own! If you’ve ever thought about having your own blog, now is the time to make it happen. I’ve been blogging for more than nine years, and I can say that blogging is a great way to boost both your personal growth and personal brand. Not only  [ Read More ]

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Note: This post is written by Abby Guthrie Have you ever been awed by those go-getters who get called by Forbes to be quoted in their next article, and seem to already have made friends with everyone at the conference? Well, here’s the secret, those people have been developing their own brand and doing one of the  [ Read More ]

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Two Simple Ways to Improve Your Days

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If you want to live your life to the fullest, you need to make your days great. If your days are great, there is a good chance that your life will also be great. Fortunately, improving your days doesn’t have to be complicated. You don’t need to do something big for that. Instead, you just need to do some simple things.  [ Read More ]

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The Key to Mastering Your Situation

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A while back, I read The Code Book by Simon Singh. It’s a good book about the history of codes and code breaking. Among others, the book covers the role of code breakers in wars. They play an essential role there. Why? Because if you break the enemy’s code, you can grasp the real situation  [ Read More ]

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