Corporate Guys: Here Are Few Tips To Become More Professional & Stylish At Work

The word professionalism seems so boring, and unachievable. Everyone who goes out and works majorly thinks giving their best shot during the regular work hours is what professionalism all really is.

But professionalism is so much more than this. It is beyond the bounds of prescribing the most effective drugs or the long list of successfully won cases of a lawyer and apparently much more than the catchy and convincing speech of the salesman.

Ever wonder, why didn’t you like the best-known, specialized expensive doctor you went to? Or why weren’t you convinced when that salesman at the Cosmos asked you to buy the detergent which you knew was good?

The answer to this mystery is simple: because the people behind the desks were not professional enough to gain your confidence in them.

They maybe perfect in their fields, maybe the best, but they didn’t click you because you didn’t find their attitude, style and overall attire appropriate and professional.

This is where the secret lays, the secret to ace your way to the top, to get what you have been dreaming about with minimal effort but maximum gain.

The easiest road to the goal is to show the world why you deserve it and trust us, it comes from within. When you are confident, motivated and determined to achieve your set goals, that energy from within inspires you to become professional.

It triggers your need to dress up appropriately, talk effectively, show your best manners and communicate nicely.

The vessel you are would be fresh from the outside only if the inside is healthy and refreshing. The master mind you have, your hidden abilities would only bubble out if you make the ground for it.

If you try hard to maintain your outer appearance, manners, speaking abilities and communication, your professional and confident aura would convince everyone around you to listen to you, to see what do you want and give you the way.

Richard Eberhart said, “Style is the perfection of the point of view.”

What Is Professionalism?

Professionalism is not just about the type of job you do. It sure does not even means how good and experienced you are in your career.

It purely is how you carry yourself, how you choose to present yourself to the world which is unfamiliar yet important enough to get to know you.

The points such as dressing, attire, way of communicating, a way of walking and talking, basic mannerism etc make up the true definition of professionalism that is beyond doubt very important.

“Professionalism shouldn’t be defined as by a person’s paycheck, role or title. It should be defined as a person’s work ethic.” –Janna Cachola.


Moving further, the life-changing tips that may make you a hero from zero must appear as a theory, or as everyday basic advice people try to give you.

They may also seem very easy to adopt, irrelevant or trivial. But the motto is big things usually have smaller beginnings.

The smaller the task looks, the bigger it impacts. So no tip is a small tip, it hides the whole concept of success and progress.

Talking about tips, the first important part is to never let yourself down. No matter if you follow or don’t follow what the world calls professionalism, do not underestimate yourself.

If you don’t fit into the fixed, ready-made mold this fast moving world demands, don’t belittle yourself.

Because different is good, different is what stands out and gives the sparkle to the dull, same world we try so hard to fit in.

The tips mentioned here are friendly and are meant to be helpful. But in no context, whatsoever categories right and wrong.

They do not lay down the principles of what should be done and what has to be avoided. So blowing the trumpet now, the tips are:


The inner turmoil, the feelings, and emotions we experience influences our demeanor a lot. The thoughts we carry change the mood and affect our everyday life.

So to move ahead, the first thing to do is believe. Believe, have good thoughts and feelings and move on. Few of the attitudes and elements to take over are:

Be Confident

The basic rule of winning at life is to be very confident. But always remember, there’s a thin line between confidence, self-respect and over confidence which can be lethal.

So be careful, be very careful while choosing your domain. But the tip is to have self-respect and confidence in your abilities.

The people know what you choose to show them. So if you show them you’re confident enough to carry out the risky task your boss allotted you, everyone will surely think you are indeed capable of getting the task.

So go on, knock on your boss’s door and tell him you can complete the task in one day, or you will ace the presentation tomorrow because you are totally qualified for it.

Be Positive

Having bad thoughts and being pessimist radiates bad vibes, so never in your office premises become negative about anything. No matter how many times you failed that presentation, or messed up your important task.

Your positive attitude can do wonders for you and the other colleagues. Positivity attracts positivity, so to attract good fortune, happiness and success, always try to be positive and work for it. Don’t make your failures control your emotions because Stephen Richards once said, “The only time you fail is when you fall down and stay down.”

Helpful Resources:


This is the core of the substance, the basic ingredient of the recipe and the alphabets of the sentence.

This should become your secret mantra to remember every time you’re stuck somewhere. Remember, everything goes well if you dress for it.

When you wear that specific dress you feel confident in, you can claim this world. Our dressing inspires us in so many ways than meets the eye.

The attire we choose shows the world how we see ourselves, how we want to be taken. The nicer you dress, the more positive vibes you send to the people around you.

Your aura radiates power and confidence if you dress well, carry yourself professionally. Because this department is imperative, we’d like to state and explain a few more tips:

Dress Up Accordingly

When you show up on the first day of your job, always try to catch hints that may be beneficial for future references.

Look for the dress code people are following. If your colleagues are strictly following the business attire, always stick to it.

Wear clothes that are less revealing, it is somewhat a sign of professionalism. Be subtle in your choice of colours because bright and blinding colours may appear as unbefitting and inappropriate for the office setting.

Playing safe does not mean you can’t be stylish. You can always wear your fancy but an elegant wrist watches or changes your hairstyle to add the effect. Or girls can wear nail paints to appear up to date and trendy. And lastly, wear classy but comfortable shoes to avoid any uncalled hindrances in your work.

Be Clean and Tidy

Ever heard the first impression is the last impression? The better and newer version is every impression lasts forever.

Always think that maybe people will be seeing you for the last time. Give every day your best shot and prepare for it.

The key to the top is maintaining the professional appearance that is also stylish. Regardless of the way you dress, if your facial hair is not shaved or maintained properly, your hair is not combed perfectly and your nails are long with dirt inside, you won’t be getting any further.

Cleanliness and personal hygiene is the basic requirement of every field existing on this planet. The face is the first thing people notice; make it your best and prominent feature.

  • It is better to be clean shaved because it is more suitable and professional but maintaining the facial hairbeard can be approvable too. But the hair should be clean and in order.
  • Cut your nails regularly to be more confident while shaking hands.
  • Wear perfume so that people feel more comfortable around you, and enjoy your company. You wouldn’t want to be left out in office parties now, would you?

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The last but not the least is to depict how well brought up you are. People often like your company just because you are a mannered and civilized person.

The boss likes to give you all the important tasks because he admires the way you communicate and conducts yourself. This is not only theory; these are real life experiences as manners make a huge difference.

Be Polite and Communicate Excellently

The way to people’s heart is your choice of words and the tone of your voice. These trivial qualities have such a big impact in one’s social circle that people often are avoided because of their harsh tone and out-of-control tongue.

In your office, be professional in your talking, sound polite and choose your words wisely and stingy because less is more.

Be Punctual

Be early or on time but never late. Being late depicts you are uninterested and careless which can get you in trouble.

Final Words

There you have it. A perfect recipe for blowing everyone away with your professionalism. Keep in mind – these tactics are not new. They have been around for years.

Yet, I see people over complicating stuff & fail measurably. Trust me; I am obsessed with real manliness.

Deep inside, I truly like to help people out. But I can see a pattern of procrastinating and lack of proper knowledge.

Or maybe, this is what on their mind:

“ I am not interested at this moment. I will try to be more professional later on. “

The goal of this article is to remind you that you are truly awesome. You deserve so much more. It’s just a couple of clicks you need inside your brain to get started.

Are you acting now? Or you need more push?

Do let me know what you think & I will try to answer it for you.

See you on the other side of success.

– About the Writer –

Tim is the idea generation guy at Beard Mantra. A truly men’s grooming & lifestyle blog. He likes to observe manliness problem & put together in the form of text or videos. If you are serious about grooming, check out his recent monster post “ top men’s grooming & lifestyle blog here “.


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