12 Effective Time Management Tips from Students

Note: This post is written by Adam Mann

College years are something that many people remember with a smile of happiness all their lives. Well, they mostly remember partying, meeting life-long friends and romantic adventures. In between those fun things, students have to squeeze the actual studying. Many of them do it so skillfully, that their professors wouldn’t even guess that they partied all night.

How do students do it? How do they manage to complete a huge number of assignments and still find the time to have fun? Time management! Students learn to use their time right.

Here are 12 effective time management tips that can be used outside of college too.

1. Exchange favors.

Let’s say, your friend is sick and misses a very important class. You can help him by telling something you’ve learned there and borrowing him your notes. Next time you won’t have time to read a book you need to read and this very friend can retell it to you highlighting the key points.

The point is to help people around and some day they will help you not to fail your deadline.

2. Less theory, more practice.

Reading is great if you have time. If time is limited, it is better to try and do something intuitively. At the end, it is better to try and regret than not to try and regret your whole life. Students often complete assignments without wasting much time on reading how these assignments should be done. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but it is still worth trying.

3. Use technologies.

Many modern students can back up the fact that technologies make studying easier and faster. You don’t always have to waste time to go to a library when you can find everything online. You can save time on calculating things and solving different problems as there are now many apps for that. Using technologies for work is also a must if you want to improve your productivity.

4. Give yourself a treat.

All people need some incentives to work hard. Students get grades. When you work, you, of course, have financial incentives, but it is sometimes not enough to be productive the whole day.

You can give yourself some small treats for finishing small tasks. For example, if you have a task for an hour, promise yourself to have coffee and biscuits if you manage to do that in time. It is a nice motivation to be productive.

5. Learn something new all the time.

Smart students complete their tasks faster. They know that the more knowledge you possess, the easier it can be for you to get out of different situations. You need to be hungry for knowledge.

Many people who graduate from college think that they’ve learnt all the secrets of the universe and have nothing more to study. However, you still need to give some work to your brain. Read books, learn new skills and languages. It’ll all make you smarter and more productive.

6. Have fun!

Working non-stop is always a bad idea. Human bodies and minds need to have rest to be productive. If you regularly have fun and rest, you should be energetic and productive. Thus, you will do your work faster and save a lot of time.

7. Have a schedule.

As you know, students have a strict schedule for their classes. It helps them organize their day and be ready for each class. Having a schedule for work and life is also a good thing. If your day is planned by hours, it is easier to get every task done fast and effectively.

8. Balance your tasks.

Students most often have different kinds of classes during a day. It helps them balance different subjects, change the way of thinking and simply not to get bored with sticking to one thing for too long. It is also useful to balance tasks at work. Thus, you will do them faster because your brain won’t get burdened by one-type tasks.

9. Exercise.

Many students get involved in some sport sections. Physical exercises help your blood run faster and thus, your brain works better. You don’t have to join a gym or something, but some simple exercises and stretching can help you a lot to be more productive.

10. Make the right decisions.

Time management is the ability to make the right decisions in the right time. Making a decision is a process and not a result. Good decisions can lead to bad results. A good decision only increases the possibility of good results, but never gives a guarantee.

Japanese businessman Konosuke Matsushita once said that the best moment for making a decision is now. To achieve desired results, you need to remember three factors: the right time, the right place and the right person.

11. Learn to focus.

Students, especially those who live with roommates, are usually the masters of focusing. They often find the way to focus on their homework while their roommate is having a party with lots of people. It is very important to be able to concentrate on your work even if there are distractions around.

12. Get away from distractions.

This point is sort of a continuation of the previous one. If you have too many distractions around to focus, you can either block these distractions or get away from them.

If the distractions don’t depend on you (loud conversations in the room, etc.), you can go to a quiet place to work if there is a chance. Many offices today have quiet rooms and different spots for work; students usually go to libraries. If the distractions come from you (checking email or social networks), you can use different programs to block them.


All in all, college time is a very special period when you learn a lot of things including time management techniques. If you take them seriously, you can use them in your future and make your work and life more productive and organized.

Adam Mann is an active blogger and part-time editor for GoHunters. He loves personal development and life improvement. He enjoys his job and constantly learning something new.


  1. Good read, some Interesting points. I think ‘having fun’ is something people underestimate. We can get a lot more done when we are happier. Thanks.

  2. True story! I absolutely share these ideas! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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