Ask the Readers: What Are Your Favorite Learning Resources?

In my last article, I wrote about preparing yourself for future opportunities. There I mentioned that you should allocate time to learn. A reader, Ben, commented that the biggest problem for him is finding good resources.

I think that’s a common problem for most of us. Finding good resources is hard. Finding them, however, will greatly help us in our learning process. So I’d like to ask you:

What are your favorite learning resources and why?

The resources may be online or offline. Please leave your answer in the comments so that everyone can read it.

By the way, I just put a voting system for the comments. So even if you don’t plan to leave an answer, please stop by and vote for your favorite answer. Let us know what you think.


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  1. I have to say that u think youtube has the best todo videos!

  2. Internet 🙂 what else we need. Ofourse books and newspapers will be really helpful.

  3. Zite app for Ipad is great for scouring articles. It’s how I found Life Optimizer

  4. Feedly, my RSS reader. I place all my favorite blogs and websites into it and it pulls all the newest updates straight to one place. Then I can scan for what’s relevant to me and absorb the information.

  5. Coursera and EdX has been very useful for me

  6. you could look at udemy…its a cool one

  7. I gather initial information from internet & go in further details with books.What ever i have learned after my college degree, is through fixing daily or 3/4 days in week 30 minutes reading.

  8. i think the best way to learn something is from people. when i get to know someone i ask him about his profession or his study and i think about something i always wanted to know about this topic. so i never know what i´m going to learn next but i think thats the most honest and realistic way to see new sides of life (apart from experiencing them yourself), that also stays in mind longer than if i read something in the internet for example

  9. My favorite learning resource is a website that I built myself. It’s not my favorite because I built it, but because having to add and update its content has improved the depth and breadth of my learning. As the saying goes, when one teaches two learn!
    The stuff I add to the site is what I practice myself in order to help me realize my potential. Recently I’ve been fortunate enough to teach what I’ve learned to young people, which has forced me to think about how I make my knowledge both accessible and applicable to people 30 years younger than me!
    Most of what I’ve learned is through reading books and periodicals, and then following the authors’ blogs, which in turn introduce me to other books, articles and ideas.
    I apologize for the self-plug for my own website (, but I wanted to introduce readers to the idea that teaching what we’ve learned to another is a great learning resource in its own right!

  10. I think u can go to the book store, browsing on internet, and go to seminar… Choose the topic u want.. I always get an inspiration.. I hope you all too..

  11. Reddit, Ted Talks, and my alumni access to my university’s online journal article library.

  12. For politics, I like
    I have started to watch a lot of CNBC. You know the underlying premise is greed, but there is much to be learned without the political talking points which permeate other news sources.

  13. I read Success magazine…it’s a one-stop-shop for learning as it contains articles & tidbits on most topics: marketing, technology (helpful apps, current reading suggestions, etc.), start-ups, etc.

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