5 Reasons to Become an Early Riser

Note: This is a guest post from Amber Smith of How to Get Up Early
A lot of people find it difficult to wake up early in the morning, and indeed it takes much effort to become an early riser when you are used to be a night owl. When it comes to waking up early, it turns out to be very rewarding. These five reasons to get up early in the morning can give you needed motivation to become an early riser.
1. Health improvement
First of all, early rising is a fundamental part of healthy living. Human body was designed to function in harmony with nature. We are supposed to get up when the sun rises and go to sleep when the sun goes down. But how often we forget about that and stay up all night or sleep until noon. All these are bad habits that affect our health on a daily basis. We should remember about the Mother Nature’s original plan and wake up early.
Of course, it is not easy to make drastic changes in your sleep schedule, and it can be stressful too. So, you should start waking up a little earlier every day. Making it a routine and never sleeping in will help you succeed. This way you will be able to build a strong habit of getting up early.
2. Time management
Start getting up early every day and soon you will notice that you have turned into a totally different person, more confident and productive. Along with the right morning routine, early rising will pay you back with an energy boost for the rest of the day. Get out of bed as soon as the alarm rings. Avoid the snooze button, now it is your worst enemy. Always have time to take a contrast shower, if for some reason you are being late, make sure to at least wash up alternating warm and cold water. Have your morning coffee and head to work. Now you are ready for new achievements.
3. Dreams come true
Everyone has something he always wanted to do but never had time for. By waking up early you can find a few hours of free time to fulfill your dreams. You can start learning foreign languages, writing your own blog, or practicing your hobby from high school that you never had time for. Remember how fun and joyful it can be to do something for yourself.
4. Live today
Now think of the things that you need to do but you set aside until the last moment. These things can also be done during the morning hours. Put on a few extra pounds and plan to join the gym tomorrow? But how often does tomorrow turn into never? Spend your morning working out and soon you will be back in shape. If you don’t like the idea of joining the gym, find something you would like more. Get a dog and walk him out every morning. Walking in fresh air is very good for your health too.
If you have kids and never have time for cleaning, spend your morning hours on that while the kids are still asleep. Don’t set aside these routine things, do them today and you will have less to worry about.
5. Everything counts
Think of every single thing you get out of waking up early even if it’s a little one. Do you like to drive to work avoiding morning traffic? Or maybe you enjoy watching the sunrise? The best morning coffee in a city can be a real reward for coffee lovers. There are so many great things around us. Just wake up early not to miss them!
This is a guest post by Amber Smith. Amber is the owner of the site www.howtogetupearly.com.  HowToGetUpEarly is about offering all kind of solutions for waking up early by providing original tips and innovative products.
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  1. I like this post, Amber. I try to be an early riser but because I’m usually up so late working on things it makes it a little harder. I do reap the benefits of waking early when I can but it’s definitely something I;m working on.

  2. Great article! And I absolutely agree, you life changes when you decide to rise early. I have to admit that I used to make fun of my husband for getting up super early and then just sitting in the dark for a while thinking. I didn’t understand why he was doing it, but after a while, I was intrigued and I got up with him (I am a night owl, so getting up at 4.30 am was super hard).
    Now, I completely understand why he does what he does and I would not want to live without my early mornings again. There is something magical about getting up super early and most of my creative ideas come to me during those early morning.

    • I am like you. I DON’T like to get up early. But I have been trying it and seeing the benefits. It has helped my family – more time with my wife and little girl in the evenings since I am working out before work. I enjoyed YOUR post, too. Good thoughts.

  3. What a great article. I totally agree with you Amber. Waking up early in the morning has certainly helped me to get more things done. That boost of energy you talk about is so true. It’s very refreshing to wake up early when the world is still asleep. It’s a powerful feeling to say the least.

  4. It’s really hard to break the habit initially isn’t it! I’ve managed to get into a good rhythm of going to bed by 10pm and I find that I naturally tend to wake now at 5am. I’m definitely finding a lot of the benefits that Amber mentions! Still working on the early morning energy bit but at least I’ve got the waking part happening.
    Anne-Sophie, how many times did it take you getting up with your husband before it became a habit?

  5. Hey Amber,
    Does that mean that people used to sleep more in the winter (shorter days), and less in the summer (longer days) ?
    I don’t think I could go to bed at 4pm 😉 But I have been wanting to wake up earlier – which also means going to bed earlier. Every time I do, I feel more rested, and I get more done.

  6. As far as I have heard, one thing that has always been common among successful people is that they always believe in being an early riser. I have yet to come across a successful person that thinks otherwise.
    Rising early is not hard for me, at least when I go to bed on time. When I go to be on time and wake up early, I am re-energized, recharged, and ready to work. I tend to get more done in a shorter period of time.
    On the other hand, My problem is that I do not go to bed. Instead, I stay up and push myself to keep working on whatever that may be, homework, writings, or even drawings.I will admit that I do not get as much done in the amount of time that I put forth because my it is harder for me to keep my focus. Even though I do not make the best us of my time, I still seem to get more done, simply because I have more time on my hands.
    Most nights I can not sleep anyways. I lay in my bed and dream with my eyes wide open.
    God bless,
    William Veasley

  7. I have been getting up early and starting my workout at 7am. It has been amazing. And the other day I was sitting in my office at 8:30am, and realized I could work and then go home. I had the rest of the day. I was strong and remembered to eat well because I chose to get up early and work out. It felt good.

  8. I love getting up early before the majority of the world generally does. Only really late at night or early in the morning can one get the type of silent serenity for adequate deep contemplation. Once my husband gets up its game on. Also, waking with the sun makes me feel like one with nature. In winter I use a sun simulating alarm that wakes me to the sound of nature and to light instead of a blaring alarm. It has made my mornings that much more pleasant.
    This is a great article and has given me more reasons to keep waking up early. Thanks!

    • Al, Could you provide some more info please on that alarm, that sounds very interesting indeed!
      Thanks in advance!

  9. As much as I despise getting up early, I must say that I’m finally beginning to see the benefits in it. I’ve always been a night owl and I’m naturally more productive in the evenings. What I’ve found out is that I’m a nap person.
    Getting up early is only a horrid experience for me because I know that I’ll have to go to bed early or feel like crap at 2pm. However, a 30-45 minute nap gives me the most amazing “second wind” that you can imagine. When everyone else is winding down for dinner and sleep, I’m still getting things done. That midday nap makes being an early riser fit into my life, while not depriving me of my nighttime productivity hours.

  10. Fantastic post! I completely agree with you about the benefits of being an early riser 🙂 I’ve always been an early bird and have always enjoyed being able to get more done during the day whilst the sun is still up!
    I’m definitely sharing this article with my ‘lazy/sleep-in till midday’ friends! haha

  11. Being a early riser is one of my goals and I have been stuck for sometime now so this post was like a wakeup call for me. Thank you.
    Best regards, Gudrun

  12. This is GREAT!!!! I used to wake up quite early regularly but illness and a hectic few months threw me off. I’ve been trying for the last few weeks to get back to waking up early and wanting to jump out of bed. Thanks for the push.

  13. Hello Every one,i too had a success being a early riser.and proved my elf what i am to others.
    i love waking up at 4 and have coffee.

  14. Good article! As a sidenote- never have the alarm bell far away from you, cuz that will be some kind of hardship upon yourself. You should have it close to you, hit the button when the alarm goes and jump out right away. Erly rising should be something you love and enjoy, not about hardship and struggle right-:)

  15. i have been getting up every morning at 4:00 a.m. for over two decades turning on the radio,reading my bible,praying,and leaving home riding on my bike but i still find it difficult to connect with that special person and significant other.what a guy to do sign/frustration.

  16. Amber, what a awesome article. Very interesting and very true. I, like many other people that posted on this article, wake up very early. I find that I can think better when it is early than late at night. I love your articles.
    Thank you

  17. Very true on #1. I love waking up early and go out for a walk. It’s refreshing and makes you feel very productive.
    Great article!

  18. Great post! Something I’m continually working on. It changes your whole perspective of the day. Also, I would add it’s the best time to do your daily devotional/Bible reading. Jesus was an early riser to meet w/ His Father. He modeled it. I used to think my best Bible study time was at night after kids went to bed, but too many distractions & usually being tired became my excuses. When I’m up early, read & pray the whole day just rocks!

  19. Beautiful points, Amber. Although we know about most of them, you’ve put them wrapped up in a few words very effectively.
    Indeed, getting up early is a great habit. I used to be a very late riser myself, but now I am used to getting up around 5:00 AM. I hope to make it 4:30 soon enough.

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