How to Make Extra Money Online

Do you want to make extra money? I believe knowing a few ways to supplement your income won’t hurt. You might not need them now, but when you needed them it’s nice to know the available options.

There are many ways to earn extra income, but here I make a few restrictions to prevent this post from being too broad:

  1. I only cover how to make extra money online. This way you can work wherever you are in your spare time.
  2. I only cover ways to make money in relatively short time. I don’t include anything that takes weeks or months to get results. That’s why I don’t cover things like blogging or revenue sharing with article sites (because building the necessary traffic could take a long time). On the flip side, most of the ways I discuss here won’t give you passive income. They require you to actively work to earn.

For each of the ways I’m about to share, I list some relevant web sites you can use. I don’t test all of them, so please read their terms before you decide to use them.

Without further ado, here are 9 ways to make extra money online:

1. Writing

Writing is a popular way to earn side income. The world is always hungry for good content and if you have writing skills you will find many opportunities online. Here are some sites that offer article writing jobs:

You can also write tutorials. Tutorials are more difficult to write than ordinary articles since they contain step-by-step guide on a topic. But they also pay more. The sites below pay between $150 to $300 for each published tutorial:

2. Designing

Graphic design skill has a lot of demand these days. You could design logos, posters, or even entire web sites. Browse the sites below to find design jobs:

3. Programming

Do you know how to program? Then what about taking some programming jobs online? You can find them at:

4. Tutoring

If you liked to teach then online tutoring is perhaps the way to go. The nice thing here is you don’t need to physically go to a certain place to tutor. You can do it in the comfort of your home. Here are some web sites that offer the opportunity:

5. Selling stock photos

Many people like photography. If you happen to be one of them, why don’t you sell your photos for profit? These sites help you sell your photos:

6. Microworking

With microworking, you make money by doing simple tasks that you can usually finish in a few minutes. They pay you a little for each completed task, but because the tasks are simple, you could complete a lot of tasks in a day. Here are two sites for microworking:

7. Selling stuff

Obviously, you can make money by selling stuff. Do you have items in your home you no longer need? Other people may want to buy them from you. Just list them at:

On the other hand, you can also sell your own creations. They could be T-shirts, post cards, bags, and pretty much anything you can imagine. Here are some places to sell them:

8. Website flipping

If you’re good at making web sites, you can sell them for profit. It could make you more than $100 for a few hours of work. Here are two popular places for website flipping:

9. Translating

Do you master foreign languages? If you do then translating is something you might want to consider. There are a lot of translation jobs online. Here are some sites that offer them:


In addition to the specialized sites listed above, there are sites that offer opportunities in more than one category. Browse them to find various opportunities:

Do you know other ways to make extra money online? Feel free to share them in the comments.

Photo by Don Hankins


  1. Nice collection. I’ll definitely be exploring some of those links as $$$ is a bit tight these days.

  2. Great! I can always use some extra money. Or at least ways to makes them. I think these ways you present here Donald, prove that if we dig deep, we can find a lot of skills and resources we posses which we can use to make money. And some people think they don’t have anything to offer 🙂

  3. Donald, thanks for the information. I would love to hear, in a future post, what your vision and plan was for yourself when you started this blog, and also what longer term ways of earning income online are for you. These resources above are some great ways to put income in the bank for longer term ventures.

  4. Hi Donald, I have never heard of Microworking before and it’s fascinating to see what can be done online. Thanks for this.

  5. Wow; this is a great post Donald! Especially the Microworking, and the tutoring! I am checking them out right now.

    Thanks a lot!
    Josh Lipovetsky.

  6. David,
    I hope you will find some good opportunities.

    I totally agree with you. We just need to dig a little bit deeper 🙂

    That’s a good idea, thanks. Just I still don’t know when I will write the post.

    It also amazes me to see so many opportunities online these days. We definitely live in an exciting time.

    Glad you find it useful 🙂

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  8. Hi Donald, these are really some nice collection. This is the first time I hear about microworking. Thanks for filling us in.

  9. Badamasi,
    Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  10. Very comprehensive list. You have covered all aspects of online life !

    Btw are there any website which serve people with collective interest ?

    Say for example people looking to buy a house for example in NY collectively and so on.

  11. Chris,
    I’ve never heard of such a website. But perhaps someone else had.

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  13. Wow, that’s a comprehensive list!

    I especially like nr. 5 about Stock Photography, because years ago I worked in the Music Business where I also worked with photomaterial, promofoto’s, CD-inlay’s etc.etc. and even worked as a photo editor at a Photostock agency for a short while. (BTW also even worked in a 1 Hour Photo service once)

    So you can imagine that I still have a thing for Photography. (‘sight’ in general!)

    For months now I am working on creating a catalogue with Photostock myself, most of the photo’s for it I make myself with my Digital Camera. Recently I actually created a new Blogspot specifically about ‘Digital Camera Ideas’ and how you can make money with your camera.

    People that like to know more detailed information about Stock Photography definitely want to have a look at it.
    (they even can find an interesting free report about stock photography on it.)

    BTW Thanks for the sites you mention in your nr. 7 about ‘Selling Stuff’ because I made a special link to your site in a post I did just a few minutes ago on this new Blogspot of mine, you can find it at:

    All the Best,
    To your Happy – (Stock) Photography – Inspiration,

  14. HP,
    It’s nice to know that you have experience in stock photography. Looks like there are a lot of opportunities for you.

  15. Wow that’s a really in depth article. I expected the same old stuff from the title but was pleasantly surprised.

  16. wow some awesome links some of which I haven’t seen before. Thanks for an awesome article

  17. Thanks, Donald for this valuble infomation. I am sure it will help me and some of my beloved persons as well.

  18. Richard, Chris, and Mohammed,
    I hope you can find something you can use from the list above 🙂

  19. I am not planing to use this kind of self-employment opportunities right now, but they are great ideas. Good links also. For sure I would use them in case I need to in the future. Anyway, I think I am going to try some of them.

  20. Great ideas! I’m figuring out how I can put them to best use.

  21. Too many people are missing a trick with selling on ebay, because they havent setup their about me page.
    On their about me page they are allowed to have links back to their own website or blog. I have even got away with affiliate links on mine.
    That way every time I list an item for sale on ebay, I get extra visitors to my about me page (by linking to it from the listing) and then I make money even if people do not buy the item I am selling on ebay!

  22. Humm the article shows all areas from where you can make money online.

  23. another way is if you are a really good artist in photography, painting, traditional or digital drawing and much more on a site called DevinatArt ( you can post and sell your pictures

  24. Was surprised Surveys or Search and Win was not on the list.

    Both can get you some money in a week or less. Although where you are in the world affects them.

  25. Great information – it’s nice and up to date – a terrific resource! Thanks so much for it!

  26. Hi,

    very good collection of sites to make extra money online..

    I will checkout all the sites when i have free time..

    Thanks for the post..

  27. I agree with Vignesh
    Its a great collection of websites
    Congratulations and thanks for sharing.

  28. I was searching for website design outsourcing site and finally find 3 websites here. thanx!!

    by the way great post, I think you should add mystery shopper also in the list

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