How Has Your Decade Been?

Today is the last day of the decade. I still remember how my day was at December 31, 1999. The whole world was waiting for the new millennium. There were big celebrations all around the world. Some people worried that the computers would crash when the new millennium began.

It’s hard to believe, but that day had been ten years ago! It’s amazing how fast time flies.

How has your life been this decade? How are you today compared with you were ten years ago? Do you think you’ve been the best that you can be?

Let’s ponder these questions as the new decade coming. And let’s make the new decade a much better one for all of us.

Happy new year!

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  1. Donald, more and more I realize (as I get just a bit older 🙂 how important it is to live each day to the fullest. Having a long term perspective couple with life mission and goals planning is important, but so is living in the moment. And if we can put those two perspectives in place with a healthy dose of gratitude, we will have joy and meaning.

  2. Happy new year to you too, Donald!

    I think it has definitely been a decade well spent. I’ve gone from being a I-hate-everything-teen to a more open, loving and compassionate person (or so I would like to think).

    2010 is going to rock!

  3. The past decade just got better and better for me, from start to finish. I’ve been getting better and better over the years, and I finally feel like I’m getting somewhere.

    I wouldn’t go back and change anything, though. Everything I’ve been through, every depressive episode has taught me something. So, perhaps I was good to begin with?

  4. Hey Donald.

    The decade went alright for me. We have to keep in mind that the next one will go just as quickly, and things are only created if we focus.

    I think I am a similar person to the one I was ten years ago, but I’m not certain about that. Any changes that have occurred are likely smooth ones that didn’t get noticed by me too much.

    Looking forward to your continued material in 2010~

  5. 10 years ago I was resident in Canada’s Arctic region and waiting for the world to end thanks to computers. It did not. Life was great at the time and I was not thinking too much about the future, merely living life.

    10 years later, am now resident in southern Canada (theoretically back in civilization) and again, seem to be waiting for the world to end, but H1N1 does not seem to be the disaster it was thought to be. Life is not as great, even tho I seem to have more of the creature comforts in life.

    As the next decade dawns, it is time now for me to prepare for a rebirth. I feel like I am dying where I live, and no longer living. Time to once again live.

    Preparation and some goal setting will be the first priorities.


  6. I have just taken a long look back over 5 decades from Jan 1, 2060. And it looks real good Donald!

  7. Sometimes I think the last 10 years have been wasted. But that will not be the case in 2020. I have been motivated to get off my butt to stop dreaming and start acting.

  8. Looks like most of you had a good decade. Glad to hear that! Frankly, mine could have been better though I’m still grateful for it.

    Grampa Ken,
    Interesting piece 🙂

    That’s a great attitude!

  9. I was thinking along these same lines.
    Seems like yesterday that we were planning Y2K.
    I was working in the corporate world then, in Telecommunications, and the BIG fear was all of our computer systems would crash.

    It’s interesting to look back on that time in my life.
    I was filled with stress, in a job I hated, in a marriage that was nearing the end.

    All of the worries that I had… the negative thoughts I would ponder… the fears I would make bigger…
    It’s interesting how time changes things.
    More to the point, interesting how our choices over time change things.

    Thank you for this “trip” down memory lane.

    Life is good now. And it was good then. Comes down to perspective and making the important life choices that will move us in the direction of fulfillment, passion and purpose.


  10. Hi Donald,

    Wow, this decade started with a whimper and ended with a bang for me! Over the past year I’ve had some of the most profound personal growth ever. (Perhaps turning 50 has something to do with it!) The most important thing that I’ve come to realize is that it’s not about living for some big goal down the road. It’s how you choose to live each moment and each day. Life is right now, and the most important step you can take toward a beautiful life is creating a beautiful now. That’s my goal for the next decade!

    Thanks for this wonderful blog. I’m thrilled I found it.

  11. Great thought provoking questions and a very important questions to ask as we start a new decade. For me, life has always been about making progress and being a little better today than I was yesterday in all aspects of life. I have always focused on trying to always ensure that I am continually moving forward and as I look back on the last decade, I can most certainly see some positive differences.

  12. I enjoyed reading your post and everyone’s observations. I was living part of the year near Asheville, NC in 1999. My husband and I were fascinated with the “Y2K” digital clock in one of the tiny local post office branches. It clicked down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until the new decade. Seems like yesterday. For me, there have been tragedies and triumphs over the decade, a rich tapestry of varied experiences. I even finally figured out what I want to be when I grow up! 🙂

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