Review: MasterMind Matrix Chart

Have you ever dreamed of getting all the topics of self improvement in one place and seeing how they relate to each other? Well, your dream might have just come true. The MasterMind Matrix Chart by Adam Sicinski covers practically all self improvement topics you can think of in one huge mind map.

Looking at the chart as a whole is like seeing the map of a city. You can see roads to multiple blocks within the city. Within each block, you can see how those roads split into small streets. Following the roads in the chart makes you feel like you are traveling in the city of Self Improvement.

For example, let’s visit the Goals block. There you can explore some small streets that teach you the process of setting goals and the characteristics of good goals. After exploring this block, you may want to continue your journey to the nearby Time Management block. Here you learn how to manage your time in order to achieve your goals. The streets in this block give you some time management tips like To Do List, Set Priorities, and Outsource. Continuing your journey from here will bring you to the Staying Motivated block that shows you how to stay motivated while pursuing your goals.

Here are some of the topics covered in the chart:

  • Habits / Rituals
  • Character Development
  • Emotional Mastery
  • Overcoming Fears
  • Accelerated Learning
  • Beliefs
  • Attitude
  • Behavior Modeling
  • Visualization
  • Choices & Decision
  • Sleep & Energy
  • Health & Wellbeing

With the number of topics covered, it could be difficult to know where to start. Fortunately, the chart gives you a clear starting point labeled “Begin Here”. That’s where you start your journey. You will then be guided to the other parts of the chart.

Here are several things I like about the chart:

  1. It helps me see what topics are there in the world of self improvement
    There are some topics that I’ve never heard before and there are some that I’ve forgot. The chart brings them all to my attention.
  2. It shows how the topics are related
    This is a big plus because it’s often difficult to relate one topic to the other. As a result, people tend to treat each topic separately. Seeing how they relate helps you have an integrated approach to self improvement.
  3. It’s fun
    The chart is not only packed with information but also visually appealing. That makes studying it fun.

Mastering the chart will take time but it’s worth it. It could be your study guide to the world of self improvement.


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  2. What a fantastic tool! I am a definite visualizer, so this is just what the doctor ordered. I want to recommend a free resource for those of your readers who would like to create their own mind maps: Thanks for sharing this!

  3. how awesome that is one crazy diagram! Very cool love it going to check it out maybe get the high res as that is so full on!

    Paul Telling
    Creative Communications Creator and Graphic Facilitator
    Pauls Site
    Visualise and Monetise!

  4. No doubt its a wonderful concept map but if you really want to master personal development, you ought to create this kind of map yourself.
    Remember the old chinese proverb – I hear and I forget…I see and I remember…I do and I understand.

  5. Steve, is a great tool, thanks for the recommendation. FreeMind looks like a nice alternative for desktop application.

    Yes, it’s a huge and beautiful mind map. I’ve never seen a bigger one so far.

    I agree completely. Often the process of creating a mind map is more valuable than the final result.

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