Review: Reclaim Your Dreams

Jonathan Mead from Iluminated Mind just released an e-book entitled Reclaim Your Dreams: An Uncommon Guide to Living On Your Own Terms. I don’t know about you, but I believe that dreams are important part of our lives. Your dreams can energize, inspire, and motivate you. They can take you to new heights in your life. Most importantly, living your dreams makes you live your own life. You no longer live according to what other people are telling you. Instead, you follow your heart and do what matters to you.
Of course, doing that is not easy and that’s why this 84-page e-book comes to help. As its title says, Reclaim Your Dreams helps you reclaim your dreams. It does that in two steps:

  1. It shows you how to overcome the obstacles to living your dreams.
  2. It shows you the tools you need and practical solutions to living your dreams.

Here are some things I love about the e-book:

  • It has useful tips on finding your dreams and connecting them with your value and life purpose. This way your dreams, value, and purpose are synchronized.
  • It has tips to keep your dreams alive. I sometimes forget to follow my dreams when I’m busy with my activities. There are some good ways here to constantly remind yourself about your dreams.
  • It identifies both the mental and practical obstacles to living your dreams and gives you the tips to overcome them.

In my opinion, this e-book is like a prequel to Career Renegade (my review). Reclaim Your Dreams deals more with finding your dreams and the motivation to follow them. Career Renegade deals more with how to make a living from it. Both can help you live a fulfilling life.
You can find more information about the e-book on the e-book’s web site.


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  2. I remember making a course about dreaming and turning dreams into goals: Project Life. I made some amazing discoveries that really changed the way I see life.
    “Dreaming” as a concept is very romantic and it’s hard sometimes to see beyond that “dream” in order to convert it into a goal. Turning your dreams into a practical goal can be even spooky; letting go and wanting to make them come true is not an easy exercise, but it’s an effort I highly recommend!
    It’s breath-taking to get to know yourself, to find out the hidden information that lies in you and that even though it has been pounding to get out, you just simply didn’t know what it was that was making all that noise in you.
    To give yourself permission to dream big and to find out that what you thought was way too big is actually “doable” is a fabulous feeling.
    I live some of my dreams today, and it makes me very happy. I still have many more to achieve and I’m steadily working on them and enjoying the road to get there.
    You can read my article Life Project: pulling dreams to reality here:

  3. Reclaiming yourself implies a person is invited to get-to know oneself on new levels. Only through complete honesty will you reconnect with your unconscious dreams and discard outgrown thoughts and behaviourto realize them.

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