Save Time by Improving Your Typing Speed

We are using computers more and more these days. We use it to type documents, play games, browse the Internet, chat with our friends, and more. While there are alternative ways to interact with the computer (such as using speech), the main way of interaction is still typing. So, since we need to type a lot, improving your typing speed is a sure way to save time and increase your productivity. Yes, you need to invest time to improve your typing speed, but it will save you a lot more time in the long term.
Improving your typing speedThe first thing to do to improve your typing speed is measuring your current speed. This way you will know how much progress you make when you learn to type faster. To measure your typing speed, go to this web site, press Start the clock, type the given text, and press Stop the clock. The site will then give you your typing speed in word per minute (wpm).
Next, you can take typing courses that teach you the right typing techniques. I browsed several courses on the Internet and the best I found is Peter’s Online Typing Course. It’s detailed, step by step, and free. It’s also accompanied with exercises to help you practice what you learn.
Of course, learning to type faster doesn’t have to be serious all the time. You can have fun too. Here are some typing games you can play in your browser:

I’m sure there are other good resources out there I haven’t mentioned. Do you know any of them? Feel free to share them in the comments.
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  1. I find that the absolute best way to speed up my typing is by organizing my thoughts and working out exactly what the message is I want to convey before I even open a word document.
    Once you have the skeleton, everything else is just filling in the gaps, and revising.

  2. Nice tip, Patrick! Doing proper preparation you described definitely saves a lot of time.

  3. I type pretty fast and that definitely saves time. I’ve noticed that when I have to type the info from some paper information source, I tend to type error-free, however when I type and look at what I type, I make more mistakes. Strange:)

  4. Simona,
    Yes, that’s a bit strange ūüôā My case is the opposite.

  5. Since you asked for suggestions for other online typing game resources, here’s one: The Keyboard Playground – 10+ original typing games and tests

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  8. Alex,
    That’s a nice collection of typing games. Thanks!

  9. I usually see the keyboard while typing. I wish to type like those who type while looking at the screen. Any suggestions?

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  11. […] Don writes about personal growth. Read his article on improving typing speed. […]

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  13. Startrekker,
    You can follow Peter’s Online Typing Course which I mentioned in the post. It has exercises starting from the simple keys (called “middle-row”) to accustom you not to look at the keyboard.

  14. @Donald Latumahina
    I know another resource I hope you find great. Artypist is a typing resource for learning and improving typing skills. It is currently formed by step-by-step lessons, and contains both explanations and exercises for practicing and improving typing. It’s currently free and no sign-up is required (although if you sign-up, also for free, you’ll have access to statistics showing your evolution).
    @Startrekker I think artypist is perfect for your needs.

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