Self Motivation: How to Motivate Yourself

People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity, no matter how impressive their other talents.
Andrew Carnegie

If you want to excel in life, self motivation is essential. You must know how to motivate yourself. You must be able to keep your spirit high no matter how discouraging a situation is. That’s the only way to get the power you need to overcome difficulties. Those who are discouraged in difficult times are certain to lose even before the battle is over.

The question is: how do you motivate yourself? Here are several tips I’ve found to be effective to build self motivation:

1. Have a cause.

I can’t think of a more powerful source of motivation than a cause you care about. Such cause can inspire you to give your best even in the face of difficulties. It can make you do the seemingly impossible things.

While other causes could inspire you temporarily, a cause that matters to you can inspire you indefinitely. It’s a spring of motivation that will never dry. Whenever you think that you run out of motivation,  you can always come to your cause to get a fresh dose of motivation.

2. Have a dream. A big dream.

Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be.
Karen Ravn

Your cause is a powerful source of motivation but it’s still abstract in nature. You need to make it concrete in the form of a dream. Imagine how the world will be in the future. Imagine how people will live and work.

Having a dream is important because it’s difficult to be motivated if you don’t have anything to shoot for. Just think about people who play basketball. Will they be motivated to play if there is no basket to aim at? I don’t think so. They need a goal. You need a goal. That’s what your dream is for.

But just having a dream is insufficient. Your dream must be big enough to inspire you. It must be realistic but challenging. It must stretch your ability beyond your comfort zone.

3. Be hungry.

Wanting something is not enough. You must hunger for it. Your motivation must be absolutely compelling in order to overcome the obstacles that will invariably come your way.
Les Brown

To be truly motivated, you need to have hunger and not just desire. Having mere desire won’t take you through difficult times since you don’t want things badly enough. In many cases, hunger makes the difference between the best performers and the mediocre ones.

How can you have hunger? Your cause and your dream play a big role here. If you have a cause you care about and a big dream related to it, you should have the hunger inside of you. If you think that you are losing hunger, all you need to do is to connect again to your cause and dream. Let them inspire you and bring the hunger back.

4. Run your own race.

I do not try to dance better than anyone else. I only try to dance better than myself.
Mikhail Baryshnikov

Comparing yourself with others is an effective way to demotivate yourself. Even if you start with enthusiasm, you will soon lose your energy when you compare yourself with others.

Don’t let that happen to you. You have your own race so how other people perform is irrelevant. Comparing yourself with others is like comparing the performance of a swimmer with a runner using the same time standard. They are different so how can you compare one with the other?

The only competitor you have is yourself. The only one you need to beat is you. Have you become the best you can be?

5. Take one more step.

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.
Winston Churchill

When you meet obstacles along the way, there could be the tendency to quit. You may think that it’s too difficult to move on. You may think that your dream is impossible to achieve. But this is where you can see the difference between winners and losers. Though both of them face the same difficulties, there is one thing that makes the winners different: the courage to continue.

In difficult situations, just focus on taking one more step forward. Don’t think about how to complete the race. Don’t think about how many more obstacles are waiting for you. Just focus on taking the next step.

6. Let go of the past.

Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Believe it or not, one of the best demotivators is your past. Your past can drag you down before you realize it. Your past can give you a heavy burden on your shoulders.

The good news is it’s a burden you don’t have to carry. Take it off your shoulder and leave it. You might make mistakes in the past. You might disappoint others with what you did. But it’s over. It’s already in the past and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Today is a new day and you have the chance to start again. No matter how bad your past might be, you still have a bright future ahead waiting for you. Just don’t let the burden of the past stop you.


Apply these tips and motivate yourself. Don’t settle for mediocrity. Let your self motivation take you to excellence.

This article is part of October 2008 theme: Winning Attitude


  1. Good points. Something related that I believe to be very important is to keep promises to yourself. if you say you are going to do something, do it, even if it is something minor on your to-do list. It’s difficult to have motivation to do something if you can’t depend on yourself.

  2. One of the things I find that helps in maintaining self-motivation is a bit of a push. I set things that need to be done and then I force myself to do them whether I want to or not. After a while I stop thinking about whether I want to do something or not because I’ve removed the element of choice.

  3. James,
    That’s a good idea. The good thing about keeping promises to yourself is the motivation comes from within. Furthermore, it’s self-reinforcing that makes it stronger over time.
    Yours is a good example of how self discipline can maintain self motivation. The most difficult part is to start and self discipline helps you go through it to build the momentum.

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  6. I love this post, especially the take one more step. What has driven me is just being sick and tired or being sick and tired. Creating a detailed schedule of what to work on for the day and stick to the plan is working wonders in my business. It just comes down to taking one more step toward the end of the day and doing that little extra. Thanks so much! Have a spectacular day!

  7. Sometimes you can feel like you’re getting nowhere, so I appreciate your “take one more step” comment on never giving up… This is a real key to making lasting changes… Thanks for the post.

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  9. Joe,
    I like the way you apply the principle to your daily work. That’s a good way to have a productive day. Rather than being overwhelmed by what we need to do on a given day, just focus on taking one more step forward.
    You’re right, it’s a key to making lasting changes. Taking just one more step may seem small, but if you do it consistently in any situation the long-term impact will be huge.

  10. Donald,
    This is a wonderfully motivating post.
    I especially love “run your own race” and “dream big.”
    Big dreams inspire us and charge us with energy. I heard a speaker say that one reason we don’t achieve is we don’t dream big enough.
    I’ve been conscious of running my own race for quite a while now, and yet I’m sometimes tempted to compare my progress to my fellow runners. When I shake loose from this negative thought, I’m off and running again trying to beat my personal best.
    Thanks for nudging me again.

  11. Flora,

    …yet I’m sometimes tempted to compare my progress to my fellow runners.

    That also happens to me and I must remind myself over and over again about it. I find that not comparing myself with others is very liberating.
    I agree with you that one reason we don’t achieve is because we don’t dream big enough.

  12. I think self motivation comes from within.if we concentrate on our strength we can achieve greater i found some motivational quotes on

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  17. Inspiring article! “Motivation is the difference between wanting a better life, and living one.”
    -Dan Malone-

  18. Thank you for your post today. Sometimes when you get to feeling like a task is so big it is overwhelming, taking the next step really just means looking at the first step without worrying about how much is involved in the whole project.
    So thanks to your message I got something important done today!

  19. It’s great to dream big, but we must not forget that it is just as important to take small steps. Trying to skips steps and stages will likely lead to disappointment and failure.
    But you’re right self-motivation is key, because no matter how many people are on the sidelines cheering us on, what we believe inside is what ultimately dictates our actions and personal growth.

  20. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, everyone! I love learning from the points you shared.

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  22. i’ve been feeling under the weather for almost two weeks and grew tired and unmotivated to do absolutely anything, i’m starting to feel really depressed. i needed a pick-me-up, hopefully i could pick up a few pointers here and get my life back on track. thanks!

  23. Roxie,
    I’m sure there are a lot of great things waiting for you ahead. I wish all the best for you!

  24. Hi,
    the article was truly great. I was feling down but this article gave me a shot of new life to move ahead.

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  26. Thanks for the great article.I will certainly apply this to my life and im sure it will help me big time.

  27. That really was inspiring,. Just what I needed to hear, especially about the past.. thank you

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  29. Wow, all the tips are quite useful and inspiring! I’m glad I came here. Thanks! 🙂

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  31. Thank you for the tips I hope tnat they will help me in the future. 🙂

  32. i really love your tips. especially the one with hunger, if u have a dream and a goal, u got hunger. i lover tht part. thnks

  33. Thanks for this, for as long as i remember ive lacked motivation and been lazy but its gotten to a point where its worse than ever. When i was a child my only motivation was my mother, i knew if i didn’t do what she wanted me to she’d be angry and to be honest life was much easier if i was in her good books.
    Now im a lot older i live with my gf of many years and my motivation is no longer my parents. I recently lost my job and having trouble finding a new one where i live, Im worrying about money issues and im putting weight on so my self confidence is at an all time low.
    Im finding it near impossible to motivate myself to do just about anything, Ive tried promising / forcing myself but end up saying to myself “yeah right, who was i kidding” when it comes to actualy doing these things.
    The “Let go of the past” part really hit me because up until now i never realised how often i look to the past and remind myself about all the mistakes and failures ive had in life, basically telling myself il never manage to do whatever it is im contemplating doing and if i try im only going to mess it up.
    I need to find a way of adapting your tips to fit me and my lifestyle, Thanks for your help and hopefully il find my motivation.

  34. Wonderful !!!!!!!!
    Never follow GREAT PEOPLE nor try to imitate them……..People who inspired you are the one who were inspired by themselves and believed in them………. If u wanna be a PATH LAYER motivate yourself or else be a PATH FOLLOWER always and alwayss……………….

  35. Thanks a lot for this, its so cool,it will help me lot because i think the only missing in me is selfmotivation.

  36. I couldnt imagine the things here being written in a better way!! Nice Job.

  37. No. 6 is great. Never worry about things u cannot change, but the things u can (like tomorrow)…………………………….

  38. I believe this website is very helpful and everyone needs self motivation and it comes from first looking at yourself and what makes you happy and once you do that you can achieve anything.

  39. Thank you for Article, It’s very good. To day you have motivated me, give an inspiration how to prove my live. Good Luck

  40. First, i would say this is very GREAT article..i really found this is very useful to give us inspiration in motivate our selves.
    Second.. i ask permission to you to translate this article to my blog in my language, Indonesian, so the people here in my country can read this and help to motivate their own self.
    Thank’s a lot before.

  41. Debanjan Chanda
    Debanjan Chanda

    Thanks,for the wonderful article,I wish this could bring some changes in my life.

  42. Wow thanks for the great article, Donald, I especially like #5: “Take one more step” because one more step is all we need to get to the NEXT step, which will lead you through to the end.
    It’s the same concept that is applied when you take your goals one DAY at a time… just focus on what’s needed for today, and the rest of the week, month, year, etc. will take care of itself until your goal is completed.

  43. Jonathan,
    Yes, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by how big a goal is. But what you need to do is just taking actions every single day.

  44. Hi terrific steps.Easy to understand and equally motivating to implement in life.

  45. To be honest with everyone all your comments are beautiful and uplifting yet they all make me waht to curl up and bawl my eyes out. You all make it sound so easy which it most likely is but I honetyl can give you all 50 billion reasons why I couldn’t you know? I find myself not being able to take that first step and if I do I can’t keep going you know? And I know saying I can’t all of the time just makes it that much easier not to do. Eh nevermind. SOrry all I really wanted to say about this page that its was nice and lovely to read everyones comments. Sorry for the wasted space

  46. Simply awesome!!! It gives everyone their chance to make their own conclusions and well, make it happen.

  47. Thank you, this was very useful… And very practical

  48. I lost more or less everyting during this worldwide recession, it was only a small business but I went to the wall.
    This only makes me stronger to take those first few steps and climb that mountain again, I have climbed the mountain before and i know the paths that lead up there, it may rain or snow but I keep going until I have reached the top.
    I really am optomistic about my future and I will be a success.
    Visualise were you want to be and believe in what you are doing, kick some serious ass

    • mark: i also lost my business, father passed away, mother stroke and now has stomach cancer, my husband ran of with another women, I suffered a horrific automobile accident, in the process of filing bankruptcy, entering my mid life, and now a struggling single mother of an 11 yr old, all of this within the last two years, whew… motivation sometimes it is hard, but I look for words of wisdom to pick me up like these articles, I have always lived by: the best revenge is to achieve victory, I am now seeking revenge hard, like never before, there is of course economic meltdown controlling the circumstance but this meltdown just serves as a challenge to bring out more creative thinking, put my thinking hat and get my victory back. thank you

      • hello dear,
        i am very sad to see your bad situation.please be ready to success.from tomorrow,your life is going to chnage.your all problems will be finish very soon.

        • its hearing people like u say their trials that make some of us realise we are only just whinning over nothing, hold on dear your strength is amazing

          • i felt great disappoint for being under such situation having also 11 year old child.i can understand that you are undergoing lot of stressful burdens but you should never forget one thing that life is for those who could struggle and challenge, in the terms of religion to get a human birth is not easy its kind of hardest thing so you should never waste this precious life, ya those bad circumtances had been happened with you but its kind of past and at the same time we cant do anything for that because past is past but future is still to come and that unseen future is depend on how you prepare for that.

      • Elise Donaldson
        Elise Donaldson

        Ms. Virginia, I came across this website while looking for something else. First of all you are a true player in this game called life. Email and I will like to help toward your road to success. I am a business owner and by the Grace of God I am able to help people to get back on their feet by offering an opportunity! Be Bless Elise

    • Sure Mark!!! You will be successful 🙂

  49. Mark,
    I’m glad you have the right attitude. With that kind of attitude, I’m sure you will be successful.

  50. This is a great post. Thanks to those people that bring out their time to help others out like this. I quite helpful to everyone that were fortunate of visiting this. All the tips are very helpful and non should be neglected. Thanks to you all once more.

  51. hi,
    this article is exremely good, its a mind oppener for me. expecially at this time whereby i could not think of moving step ahead from where i am and had a scary feeling and trying to be carefull with one position all the time. but this has made me realize that as long as you have a dream and a couse you can make it and that is what i will do from now on.

  52. Asesh Kumar Chatterjee,MSc, MBA,CS
    Asesh Kumar Chatterjee,MSc, MBA,CS

    Motivation is a second form of competition.If you are to be motivated then that should generally come from the requirements of the surrounding situation.Once you are in the tight grip of motivation, it proceeds like the third law of motion.

  53. Even if you have motivation, what is the next step in achieving your goals. Just do it? Just do something?
    Complicated and ambitious goals requires complicated and systematic planning. The best plan requires you to be logical and objectives towards your want and desires. If you don’t know how to plan, you are bound to run out of motivation after reading this article.
    Even if you have a good plan, the obstacles is your own procrastinating lazy self. Taking one thing one step at a time is not going to solve the problem of procrastination because being a procrastinator is not like flipping on a switch at the back of your head. Procrastinating is a gradual mental conditioning that we have enforced thru our bad habits and toxic intellectual diet.
    And if you think that that is the end of your goal completion process; that it’s all smooth sailing, well no. There are lots of other barriers such as hard to overcome as our procrastinating habits.

  54. I think everyone at somepoint what something more that who we we are at this moment. or we want to ahcieve something, and be able to reach our goals and dreams in life. We do all have some sort of “faith in something”. But what we lack is MOTIVATION. if we’re cars, motivation is life the gasoline that will keep us moving in life. This blog is very helpful and made me think asbout alot of things in my life.

  55. Self Motivation begins right from the scratch where you get to know what you need in your life and how it can be achieved?
    Lot of books are there regarding self motivation and follow the principles Herzberg’s Motivation-Hygiene Theory. That is really amazing according to my point..
    check out some apps related to motivation like Pocket Coach, Pocket Mentor etc.
    try this url:

  56. this is a wonderful post to read.those who r not having self motivation after reading this ,they become confident,more reliable.thank u for giving this in this ebsite.

  57. meaningless platitudes. if i was capable of all that i wouldn’t be reading these articles. what if you don’t have a dream? what if you hold the world in contempt? what if you feel powerless to make changes? what then?

    • You’re only powerless,if you think you are. To change the world we must start with ourselves. Help someone else or give a word of encouragement. Smile and say hello to a stranger. As long as we have life we have to opportunity to make things better.

  58. we must learn to walk before we run excellent article

  59. really helped.

  60. informative post ‘ if we don’t have purpose and meaning for our life then we will lose our drive in another word self motivation thanks for sharing this

  61. Thank you so much for posting these. Just reading these steps has inspired me to push forward in my business, almost changing my mindset in a way.

  62. Having a cause and a dream seem to be the most motivating things for me personally. I once attended a conference called, A Cause to Live For, A Cause to Die For. Having a mission that calls out the best of who I am and that will most benefit the world around me motivates me beyond belief 🙂

  63. I like the self-motivation tips mentioned in this article. Thanks the auther for sharing these helpful tips.

  64. Whatever you set your mind to do you will achieve, so long as you pursue your aim passionately enough. The more desire you feel, the greater the result you will achieve.
    You have to learn to focus clearly and really see your goal in your mind’s eye and also to feel what it would be like to achieve it.
    This is where hypnosis is invaluable. With hypnosis you have access to your subconscious mind, your creative mind, and so you can learn to really see and feel your goal, thereby increasing your desire to succeed.
    With hypnosis you can learn to change state and relax and to also focus single-mindedly upon your goal.

  65. i was so down….these words really inspired me a lot….Really life is a gift,,and we got to make full use of with,,,try to be happy always and always keep going…i ‘ll definitely keep going towards my dreams..thanks a lot 🙂

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  67. i’ve read many motivational books and was very helpful in my mindset. thank u for ur information.!

  68. thanks a lot!!!
    upon readings these it really inspires
    and awakes me.

  69. Realy great effort, It helps in many ways…

  70. I was pushed by the idea of “Run your own race”. It is really true based on my experience. I tend to be somebody by comparing myself to others which must not be. The point is “I want to be like them”!. I’ve realized that comparing myself to other people is just like pretending to be someone that leads to as the “empty one”. I am created just as I am. Running in my own race will help me to discover my uniqueness and will teach me on how to surpass great waves of trials.

  71. these words gave me the courage to face difficulties,now i am a lot better than the past.l thank u very much|

  72. i’m a big believer in inspiration!
    having a cuase bigger than yourself and having big dreams will provide you with a lot of inspiration to furhter your cause.
    motivation usually runs out for a reason and thats uaually because your goal and your values are incongruent, so an internal struggle occurs and your values ALWAYS win out!
    food for thought.
    matty patterson.

  73. its really inspiring. . . . .i”m intrigue 🙂

  74. This site really opened my mind and made me realize i need to run my own race and stop tring to join others, and focus on the task at hand instead of the end result.

  75. this is simply great thank you so much

  76. This post is one of the most important I read, about personnal growth. I’ve been reading plenty of book on this topic,but they give a lot of trip and you cannot apply them on a long time.
    Here, we have just six essential and practical trips. Those trips are more important thant a little library of personnal growth. At least for me.
    All of six steps are very very important. But, the best one and new for me is “RUN YOUR OWN RACE”. Before I visit this blog I was discourraged by thinking about the results of others. Now I’m fresh as daisy, fit as a fiddle to win my own race.
    Thanks for author of this post to spend a part of his/her time to others.

  77. Please, read TIPS on the place of TRIPS in my above commentary.

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  79. What docent kill me only makes me stronger. This article applies to everyone even if you don’t realize it.

  80. This is a great post. My sister’s husband had an accident on the night of their wedding and broke his neck. He is now a quadripolegec. It’s been 2 years. In the beginning he had hopes of a regular life, but in the past few months he has really checked out of life. He’s become a social hermit. My sister is also suffering from his lack in motivation for everything. Their marriage is suffering.
    I’m worried and sad for my sister. My brother in law is a smart and funny man. He has sooo much to offer this world.
    I will be printing out this information for my sister and hopefully she can help him to motivate himself to live his life to the fullest. Thank you.

  81. Y’know, despite everything that’s happened to me within these past few years, I can still put a smile on my face and say “Where there is a dream, there is always hope” and keep moving forward onto my goals and dreams, because no one is going to make them happen but me.

  82. it is so uplifting by hearing some of your tips, but howcome i keep on struggling about my past and its always be a dominant thing that burdens me much! can you please help me?

  83. Well, I am 23 years old and a finance professional. I am so loser at my job…cant concentrate neither do I like it. I get abused every time in office and get to hear all crap things from my boss. I hold an MBA, a CFA and other qualifications too. I was passionate about my chosen field and I was a topper in my batch and thats why I forwarded with my chosen field. But barely 1 year into my dream job and I lost interest. I am running into a US$20,000 education loan which I took for my MBA. My family members demands money from me saying that as I am earning I am liable to pay them as a kind of gratitude. I dont know how long will I be able to hold this job.
    I went through every financial distress possible during my education and overcame every hurdle….but now I think that is it worth it? I still could not understand how all these happened.!!! I have lost the motivation prowess of myself. Can anybody suggest what should I do???

    • Hi Sourav,
      Probably you can start by analyzing what went wrong? You mentioned that you liked your job earlier. What was it that resulted a decline in your liking towards your job.Since you mentioned that you are a topper in your batch so you have some level of intelligence and sharpness.You just need to do a cause & analysis of the situation.With the education you have you will get a good job,it may not be as per your expecation but important is too choose one in which you can immerse yourself completly. Don’t freak out thinking about future and your loans.Once the cash inflow starts your mind will autmoaticly start doing a 2+2 and within few years you will be good to go.Invlove yourself in the activties you like , but never got chance to do. Try meditation and yoga. Read motivational books. Keep youself in high spirits and believe me it works. You got to trust yourself.

  84. I’m 45 years old and am unemployed. My job was eliminated at the end of February. I’ve never left a job before I had another so I am in unfamiliar and scary territory. However, I just completed an aritcle for my gym about self-motivation and feel empowered to reach my goals both in weight loss and life. I’ve always wanted to write a book so I’m going to use my time off to get it done. I’m still looking for employment but it’s tough in this economy. Not sure if I’ll remain in my hometown or move elsewhere but I’m ready for the challenge.

  85. Hi Virginia.
    I like to call you a fighter and after some days i like to call you a winner. I know you going to overcome this with bright colors.
    I feel as if im in the middle of the river either get drown or fight to reach the shore.
    but i know i will be victorious in this battle.

  86. Absolutely brilliant site. Being made redundant at 60 I thought I was finished. Feeling very sorry for myself. I started self employed but found it difficult to motivate myself. To be honest I still do.Keep thinking about the past and the good job that I had. But it’s gone. In the past! I will read this site every morning before I go to work. Reading this has made me realise I still have a cause and a dream.Brilliant site. Good luck to everyone

  87. I do not agree with any points you mentioned out there! Hunger makes u Crazy! and having dreams always make you in wanting something that you do not have!

  88. Great!
    Thanks for this amazing articles.
    All this tips is awesome. But still, the key point is do it now. Start to do something -even small thing- right now and always put your self in higher standard.

  89. Very Good !!!
    i was going through some passing drak clouds, however this article helped me getting boostup… thanks to all

  90. im a fresh graduate and a newly hired employee… in my first week at work i really had a hardtime in adjusting on my new environment.. i dont have friends yet..people here are very aloof and im afraid i cannot finished my 5months contract because of boredom…and I dont hear any motivating words coming from the people arround me…which for me is very very important……and then one day i surf the internet and I accidentally view this article which i am very thankful of because this site enlightened my mind and motivate me to continue working and dream bigger and it teaches me one thing… If others can’t/don’t motivate you.. then MOTIVATE YOURSELF…. Thank you so much for this wonderful article.!:)

    • Hi Elle,
      Being a fresh graduate can create a lot of pressure , specially when you have to prove yourself to the world. At times like this you should be strong , motivate yourself. If life gives you lemon make lemonade out of it. Forget what other have to say or have to do , be your own guiding light. Clear your mind, get out of thoughts of fear.Just keep one thing in mind its a bad weather and you have to sail through it and when it’s over you will be a strong person. Have faith, trust yourself, have faith in good and go ahead in life fulfill your dreams and aspirations.

    • Hi elle. I think we r facing the same problem. I’m also fresh grad student and also newly hired on this early June. I never thought that will facing some challenging working environment, not in terms of the task given but in terms of mental challenges. Currently i still under on the job training and it is difficult when my superior or senior seems like not really welcome me there. What i aspect that they must be proffesional but not here. Only my bos understand what i feel cz sometimes i afraid to ask anythng to my superior. This is because, when i asked, she will give me negative reaction and her answer shows like i’m so stupid. However, after i read this article, its really motivate me and rise my energy to do what i can. We should believe in ourself, as my bos said, just do not bother how and what reaction people give to u, in future it will be a valuable knowledge for u.

      • Yes! Lets just make our everyday productive… i think it is the best motivation for ourselves.. disregard the nonsense things happening around us. Keep on counting the blessings and the good things that we have in our life..Lets accept the fact that we cannot please everyone.. If they keep on saying negative things about us.. well lets keep on showing positive attitude to them. as a fresh graduate and a newly hired employee it is expected that some of our office mates will be observing our performance (as well as challenging us) so always do your best, make your everyday productive and believe in yourself! If you think.. you’re being demotivated.. KEEP ON READING THIS ARTICLE like i do Snow if you think you have the potential.. Show it to the world.. we must learn to unleash our potential..
        go Go Go snow and elle! :)Be inpired! be motivated! and be a blessing in our workplace everyday !

  91. Yap. I have read this post. Its nice to motivate oneself in life. I’m a frustrated man. Always need help and thinks i couldn’t do without help others. Thats why i’m loosing my dream. But now i’m interested myself and hope i’ve a goal to gain in life.
    Thanks again for the post.

  92. […] your way. If you are wondering how to being your self-motivation, here are a few great provided by Life Optimizer to effectively motivate yourself: ”¢ Have a cause A cause that you care strongly about can […]

  93. Really remarkable Mark!!!!

  94. Good posting/blog about self motivation. However I would argue you are leaving out one critical piece-“FAITH” AS a Christian beleiver in the Lord Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior in my life, it is God and God alone that gives my life purpose and meaning, and gives me the passion and drive to develop the enternal self motivation in carrying out what is important to my in my life, in fulfilling God’s will in my life.
    It is faith and faith alone that gives me the inward impetus to do the things that I would rather not do, but I do becuase I want to better myself in the game of life we are all apart.
    It is my faith and my faith alone that is the driving force in creating in me, the burning desire and self motivation in attacking and achieving my personal and professional goals in life.
    If you can believe it you can achieve it still holds true today, conversely if you don’t believe you WILL, more likely than not you WON’T.

  95. it’s a helpful article, and I think It has helped me to understand the importance of having a dream, I’ve not known that before, if I want to be motivated I should have a big dream, I’ve not used to do that.

  96. Absolutely fantastic! Thank you so much!

  97. i was truly lost ….
    got stuck where i was in middle of somethng thats just uselrss….
    i want great sense of motivation to get out if this dreamy dreadly life….
    hope i get it….

  98. hi!am Bhavna,am in hsc(higher school certificate),i have worked quite well in my last exams,but now it is eve of exams i dont find any motivation to study!!help me out i have tried all types of motivation;;screensaver,motivational songs,counselling but none of them worked out!

    • hi bhavna ..see wat u need to do is make out first wats ur goal iss nd how much hard work u need for that …and thn think that u r on the position if u wanna be a doctor thn start assuming ur slf as a doctor ..thn u’ll really reliase ur goal ..nd i m sure it will work ..
      gud luck ….

    • I think you need to know what you want, and the next thing is to seriously find out, what it will take to reach there. If you think you have motivation, the best way to check how good the level of motivation is, when you find out how easily you are ready to leave your study for TV, Phone call or sleep.
      You must have that so called dream around your neck, not on your bed.

    • ” fake it untill you make it”, Bhavna. See yourself as the person you wanted to be ( your ambition ).
      Eg: Doctor… see yourself as a successfull doctor, helping thousands of people, curing their diseases, easing their pain. See yourself being rewarded with many awards, see yourself being praised in the media, see yourself being called for talks/motivating other students/doctors.
      Be a Succesfull doctor NOW! It will take you there, my dear.
      All the best to you….

      • Yes I like, and ultimately I am the driver for my life journey.
        (But we can,t refuse the motivation.) We need at least some time, some shadows, in our journey.

  99. I made my blog about motivation. I really like it so much in creating blog. I try hard but I don’t get any idea how to make it interesting. Everyday checking on my blog not even a small tiny progress. Now I try so hard to gain my motivation back, but it seems so hard. Please help me guys!! Thanks

  100. i really liked d above article written by hlpd me alot to motivate myslf.m thanful to hv dis article.

  101. I want to feel me again. i feel i am here for more than i am doing. i want to make a difference in other peoples lifes and help others . i want to be at the weight i am suppose to and feel good about me so i wont concentrate so hard on me.I want to make a difference in others and never quit caring about other people

  102. I enjoyed the article Posted by Donald Latumahina. its quite motivational. thank you.

  103. Confidence is important, but more important to maintain confidence!

  104. I like the ideas presented here for Motivation, especially the one about ‘letting go of the past’. Personally, this is the biggie of moving forward toward my big dream.

  105. Thanks so much. I think what did it for me was identifying the dream. All the other points are important as well. I just have to focus and narrow in.
    Thanks again.

  106. Initially,i thought that i’m just an idiotic fool but gradually i realized that i have a dream which is quite enormous and i wanted to make it realistic.I really wanted to pass my examination in flying colours in spite that i’m sitting for SPM in 2012 and wanted to motivate myself.

  107. this is an awesome article .. great motivator !!

  108. Hmmm… I was formerly having problem with convincing myself if actually am good or better than ” ?? next person and this is greatly making me feel they are better! But with this ‘Don’t learn ??? dance better than ” ?? next person but better than Urself’ makes me stronger and believe ??? take on ” ?? whole world in all I do now. .*”¢.¸( *”¢.¸?¸.”¢*´)¸.”¢*.
    «´¨`°”¢.? ” ?ª??’s ?.”¢°´¨`»
    ¸.”¢* (¸.”¢*´?`*”¢.,)`*”¢. So Much

  109. Thanks.It was a very helpful and encouraging article.

  110. This article was a bunch of help thanks

  111. Very good points, but from my experience as a life coach, helping people realize their life dreams, one can not overlook the powerful impact of ones’ “FAITH” and the impact that faith can have in one’s life, and self motivation pursuits.
    If you look at the the really successful people in the world, apart from a strong driving will to succeed, people also have to have the faith that they will rise above and overcome. As a Christian believer in the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal savior and Lord of my life; Philippians 4:13 can do everything through him who gives me strength.
    Develop the faith that only God can provide in your self motivation pursuits of accomplishing your God given talents and abilities in life.
    Remember: Your Ability is only limited by your inability to take action…

  112. motivation is key. at 76 years old i started writing a blog. at first it was hard to get started. now i’m blogging everyday. my motivation is that i don’t want to brain die. im afraid if i stop using it i’ll lose it. now i look forward to finding topics to write about. stop by my page and tell me what you think.

  113. hi. im sepide . 30 years old. single. studying psychology at MA degree. i have passed a hard period of depression and now, after all those hard days, i have no hope to continue my studies, work, life, … . i wake up everyday and do the chores but i expect nothing special to happen, sure i mean sth positive. my counseler adviced me to read the articles about self motivation, so im here now.what u have said is nice but not practical for me. u know even if u tell me tomorrow im going to start my new life in heaven with whatever i wish, i have no feeling about it.nothing makes me happy. can u help me please?

    • Oblaloochin mahabid
      Oblaloochin mahabid

      you rockk gurrrll !
      follow your dreams. I wanted to be tinker bell, now i am a flying fairy and i like to go to neverland with my husband peter pan. We love you. – The believers. I believe i can fly !!!!

    • Hi, most of us have gone through a hand to mouth and boring stage of life. The good thing is you are young and studying. Development is a long term effort that results in sustained results over the long term. during challenging times just keep one going one step at a time, challenging times dont last long, you are on the right track. Check out what’s affecting you and work on it systematically, and you will overcome the current hurdle.

  114. let go of the past-
    i don’t why, but the concept had never crossed my mind. Thanks, i feel much better now ^^

  115. Hi. I am ready for IELTS in progess, but I realize that I don’t do my best and alway to find some excuses to esacpe it. the above article really make me know what I want and what I should do. thanks a lot.

  116. What an article!awesome! am 23yr old very poor guy from bangalore, i stopped my education(+2) in 2007 due to powerty,now am doing BA(corres), in the mean time am working in cafe as a team member,now i am feeling like life is so bored i have a big dream(ias) i am trying to motivate my self but i could not, can any one suggest me?

    • Tsering Dhondup
      Tsering Dhondup

      Don’t look for excuses, look for solutions. Work hard! There is no talent, there is only hardwork!

  117. good content…. enjoyed reading through your site……..keep up the work…….

  118. please leave the past and live in today.don’t see your past look for future,believe me a good life is waiting for you.

  119. Very good article, it can be such a challenge to illustrate that self motivation when you think about it is like a switch we all have internally, flip it one way and we feel like we can fly. Flip it the other and we can dive into a dangerous negative nose dive into the abyss. Excellent work

  120. I feel awesome to read such a great essay on self motivation which motivated me a lot.

  121. I’m in the military awaiting a medical discharge, and it’s starting to become difficult to motivate myself to work for an organization that doesn’t want me. I don’t have much to do at work, and making it to PT sessions have no longer become a priority, despite negative paperwork I have received. In reading this article, and writing down the 6 steps, I hope to regrasp my motivation and focus. It is not my intention to become one of those who “doesn’t give a shit” and become so unmotivated that I spend the last few months in trouble by my command. Any more advice?? I need help….

  122. I want to be a confidence person, I want to be a talkative person, since i’m a silent man. I myself know that i’m the one who like hard working, but i’m not success with my current career yet. Please give me some tips to motivate myself which i can stand and do the presentation confidently to my customer side as well as other task.
    I have gone through your tips above but i just need some more idea for this.
    thank you in advance!

  123. Ziyezana Ntlanti
    Ziyezana Ntlanti

    I can’t let go of de past & its realy dragging mi dwn

  124. please leave the past and live in today.don’t see your past look for future,believe me a good life is waiting for you.and sucess in ur hands.its very true…………………………

  125. As I am thirty five years old. I used to do trading business, it was quite good……. after three years i Got married that time itself it was in loss. I took loans for covering it up but i could not… Fifteen lakhs rupees of loan as already arranged n paid the loan amount to the Bank. Now I am un employed person. still searching a job not getting ………. but i got even their also i worked for eighteen days then they told me to leave…….. Already six months over still i am in search of a job…… I need some motivational techniques to achieve something in my life…….. Please guide us…

  126. im a 23yr old lady with adaughter who is a year old.Im studing a diploma in technical financial accounting my problem is its simple for me to advise people how to handle life and give advise but i find it hard to practice what i say to them and put it in my strugling to push my self to the top and do well in all my task that i do on a daily base.if any person can help plz i will b waiting to hear from u.

  127. Johnson Donatus
    Johnson Donatus

    I have read so many article online but my problem is how to create a goal. I don’t have a goal all I do is to get my salary at the end of the month nothing to focus upon guys pls I desire tb great , Help me. Thanks to the Author.

  128. These words are so true, i would like to keep in touch with these word

  129. this is really a great reading for me because i understood that some of the reasons are correct.

  130. Love the last point about letting go of your past… I’m 30, used to have a decent management job and had lots of friends from work, till I got greedy and misappropriated some funds from the company.. Long story short, I got fired and have been jobless for almost a year now.. The part which got me was the fact that not one of my friends from work contacted me since then.. There was a girl whom i’ve just started dating and would consider marrying – even she didnt call me, even though we were very close then.. During that period I thought of getting a job but with my qualification it is impossible to get a job 20% as decent as what I had.. I got over 10 years experience in d field I was in, that’s y i got my old jjob, but it’s a small field and people would know my past if I tried going in this line again… I didn’t want to start over because I felt shame, even the thought of working as a waiter for the time being to make ends meet and accidentally bumping into a former staff of mine terrifies me… Id rather go hungry than let that happen.. I’ve had enough of this… Life is too short to be worried all the time.. I’m just going to think of myself as an 18 year old fresh out of high school and start over.. Screw the past and focus on the present and future.. Tnx for d post..

  131. Thank you for the article above motivational ourself.

  132. Well guy, i was con about more than 800k, loss 4 houses and 4 cars, blacklisted and so on. Do i have any place in this world anymore? i asked my self earlier. You got to have ability to ‘persuade’ youself to move forward. I have 5 shop now, and going to open more. don’t give up. “I do not try to dance better than anyone else. I only try to dance better than myself.”

  133. […] some tips to help with my self-motivation problem.  Turns out Google is a great tool, and I found a blog post that answered my question perfectly. Some of the points that I related to the most include (i) Let […]

  134. wow.. thanks for this beautiful article about motivate ourself.. great information..

  135. take good care of ourselves.,
    see opportunities,
    execution opportunities.,
    failure to make valuable lesson,.
    thanks for this great article.
    i hope those who have read this article, be more passion in life.

  136. The messages are soo motivational and inspiring…. Great and thanks for such kind gift.

  137. This article is so true. Thank you for share with the people up there and i like it alot

  138. I wish I could do this tips. Thank you.

  139. I will definitly be trying these steps! Thanks.

  140. That was wonderful. Just wonderful. I think I should have another read tomorrow. (: that k you for taking your time to write this. And thank you readers for supporting such a wonderful thing. GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL!

  141. Nicely written and some excellent tips. I especially like the tip to think hunger instead of desire. It seems more personal, more dire, as if it needs to happen or else. That is the motivation I need to press through and leave my legacy for the world. Thank you.

  142. very encouraging, this is an encouraging bits for people who have lost their value in life.

  143. Boosted me…..
    thankyou u soooo much

  144. harshit shrivastava
    harshit shrivastava

    I have a big dream big goal like getting Rich…bt i dont do anything for it…
    I watch motivated movies videos bt still nothing do…
    Motivate me plz

    • Dear Harshit,
      Just a story if that can tell you what i want to say, once a potter wanted to be rich, very rich as he saw a woodcutter who was getting rich each day, he saw all that guy was doing is working just two hrs a day then sit back and sell his wood throughout the day.
      The potter decided to do the same, make a pots for just two hrs and then sit. days passed by he was not getting customers now. He went to ask the woodcutter how he is earning it. The woodcutter said ” my work is only to cut wood, on my way to cut wood, i make sure i have customers already waiting, this way i know the demand and supply”, I am not merely sitting after working for 2 hrs a day.
      similarly,motivation videos can keep you motivated when you are working and you need an extra outer motivation, they will not work for you to make you rich.

  145. I just stumbled on your page while finding a topic for my next motivational speech for my students. It’s a nice post with quotes from all big famous personalities. Just a suggestion, if you add some real life examples which we face day to day when motivation is needed. For example : the motivation story of eat the frog first, or the deaf frog.

  146. I like making a deal with myself. When I was trying to write my graduate thesis, I would tell myself that if I just wrote one sentence, I could go to the beach but usually after I wrote one sentence, another one just came along and I ended up writing quite a bit. Every once in a while, I did go to the beach but mostly, it worked out.

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