Theme for July 2008: Happiness

Now we come to the first day of July and the theme for this month is Happiness. Here we will discuss topics such as:

1. The essence of happiness
2. Life principles necessary for happiness
3. Tips to be and stay happy

Happiness is a broad topic and different people may have different perspectives. That’s why I’m glad to announce that we will have four guest posts this month. They have all been submitted to me and – after reading them – I’m sure they will enrich all of us. They certainly enrich me. Thanks to four of you who have submitted guest posts (you know who you are 🙂 )!

Of course, we will learn much more through discussions, so feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section throughout the month.

By the way, you can see roundup of last month’s theme on June 2008 theme page.


  1. I think this is a WONDERFUL choice for July! I will look forward to your posts as well as your guest posters!

  2. I came accross this quote awhile back ago and absolutely love it…

    “Happiness is the experience of loving life. Being happy is being in love with that momentary experience. And love is looking at someone or even something and seeing the absolute best in him/her or it. Love is happiness with what you see. So love and happiness really are the same thing… just expressed differently.” –Robert McPhillips

    • Wonderful quote, Maree. I’m a proud cancer survivor, motivational speaker, author and personal coach and this quote you shared truly reflects how I live my life and the messages I share through the work I do. I am giving a workshop for a group of high school students about happiness and may just include your quote. I also suggest you check out a great little video on Alfred Hitchcock’s definition of Happiness at

  3. Thanks, Annie! This theme also excites me and I’m sure I will learn a lot this month.

  4. Maree,
    That’s a very nice quote on happiness! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. […] why I’m excited with this month’s theme of Happiness. We will discuss this topic all month long and I’m sure we will learn a lot. But, before we […]

  6. Hi Donald,

    I just attempted to send an article on happiness to your email but it was returned saying your mail folder is full.

    Please advise.


  7. Flora,
    Thanks for letting me know about it. I’ve emptied my inbox so there should be no problem now.

  8. please tell me what is happiness?

  9. Godwin Ugwu, PhD.
    Godwin Ugwu, PhD.

    Happiness is when you accomplish all the tasks set for you by God according to His standard.

    Remember that an equipment will function better if the operator follows the instruction manual of the manufacturer; similarly, a human being will be happy if he or she follows God’s instruction written clearly in the Bible – the most important of the instruction being “Serve God with all your heart, soul & body, and love your neighbour as your self”.

    If you really want to be happy, try this new technique – Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord & Saviour, and then follow his example.

    This is the secrets of many millions of Nigerians that lead to Nigeria being the most happy nation in the World.

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