Theme for June 2008: Productivity

May has passed, and now we come to June. As you may know, last month was the first month here where I set monthly theme and the theme was mind. In my opinion, the theme went well. Having a monthly theme gave me more focus on writing and improving my life. I became more observant of whatever things related to mind I came across, and it was easier for me to find topics to write.

In total, there were 8 articles related to mind last month. Here they are:

And now, for the month of June, the theme is productivity. Here I will look for ways to increase our productivity in whatever we do. It will cover topics such as:

  1. The mindset we need to be productive
  2. The pitfalls of productivity
  3. Techniques and tools to boost productivity

Of course, I will also write general articles so that those of you who are not interested in the theme can still get value out of this site.

Stay tuned!


  1. Hi Donald, interesting topic to look forward to!
    It’s really a great idea on putting a monthly theme to your writing.

  2. Thanks, Robert! Monthly theme is something I’m experimenting with, but it turns out to work pretty well.Personally, it helps me focus my personal development effort. I then share what I learn through writing.

  3. Hey Donald, Looking forward to this month and to reading more on productivty!
    I just finished reading James Arthur Ray’s newest book, Harmonic Wealth, and I had to share this concept he has that I think makes so much sense: LIVING FROM THE OUTCOME (Page 322). James says that most people live toward the outcome, meaning you are living like you don’t have it yet. He says you should shift your thinking so that you are LIVING FROM THE OUTCOME and thus sending out the energy to the world that you already have it. Think, feel, and act like you’ve already made it and the universe will say “Your wish is my command.”
    – A James Ray Fan
    For me, that meant acting like I was more valuable as an individual – acting like a $500 a day earner instead of a $150 a day earner (no more reality TV marathons!) and acting like a thin and fit woman instead of a slightly overweight and sometimes lazy woman (goodbye Ranch Doritos!). Honestly, in the two weeks since I put down the book, things have started changing. And I think it really comes down to that one concept.
    Check out the Harmonic Wealth site and link to the book:

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  5. JR Fan,
    I’m not sure if I get it right, but it sounds like Law of Attraction to me. I will check out the site you recommended.

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