Find E-books on Web Warrior Tools

Leo Babauta from Zen Habits recently emailed me about his new venture with Glen Stansberry from LifeDev. It’s an e-book  publishing site called Web Warrior Tools that features e-books written by bloggers and writers from around the Web.

This site helps people find the e-books they need. Even now when it just launched, there are already four interesting e-books there:

  1. Email Zen by Scott Young
    I reviewed Scott’s Learn More, Study Less e-book a few months ago. In this new e-book, Scott provides tips on how to keep email from ruling your life.
  2. Secrets to a Healthy Life by K. Stone
    This guide to being healthy covers topics such as nutrition, exercise, stress-reduction, and more.
  3. Get Rich Slowly Guide to Roth IRAs by J.D. Roth
    This e-book helps you get started with Roth IRAs which is “one of the best money secrets on the market”.
  4. Getting Started with Podcasting by Doug Heacock
    If you ever want to create your own podcast, this e-book guides you through the process of planning, producing, and promoting your podcast.

One nice thing about these e-books is their affordable prices ($6 to $9). Even better, you can read 6-11 pages previews of each e-book on the site.

Since Leo himself has had the experience of publishing two popular e-books (Zen To Done and Zen Habits Handbook for Life), I think there is a good chance that this site will be successful.