10 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Holiday

On the Easter weekend, I went out of town and spent several days at my parents’s home. There I enjoyed the holiday away from my normal routines. While usually I have a set of daily routines related to my work or personal growth, I decided not to follow them and spent my time to do different things instead.

HolidayThat allowed me to get more from the holiday. Here are some benefits I got that I believe you will also get from a good (albeit short) holiday:

1. My mind was fresh
This is a significant benefit for me. The holiday decluttered my mind. It’s like having a new sheet of paper to write on.

2. I could see things from different perspective
Since I spent my time at different place doing different things, I could see things from a new perspective. Seeing things from a new perspective is important to keep our mind sharp. Think of your mind as a double-edged sword. Using one perspective is like using just one edge of the sword; over time it may become blunt.

3. I had time to think
When I’m too involved in an activity, it could be difficult to see whether or not it’s right. But when I’m away from it, it’s easier to see whether or not I’ve done the right things. I also have time to think about where to go next. No wonder Bill Gates has Think Week twice a year.

4. I had quality time with my loved ones
Busyness might make it difficult to have enough quality time with our loved ones. Holiday is a good opportunity to get it back.

Looking back, there are several things I could do to get the most out of the holiday. I didn’t do all of them, but I wish I did. Here are 10 tips to get the most out of your holiday:

1. Forget your routines

It should be the first thing you do if you want to have fresh mind and perspective. You should be away from your normal routines.

2. Minimize your Internet time

If you were like me, you spend hours on the Net everyday. Continuing the previous tip, minimizing (or even eliminating) Internet time is necessary if you want to be away from your normal routines.

3. Go out of town

While you can also enjoy holiday without going out of town, being at a new place can affect your mind significantly. It helps you see things differently.

4. Spend time with your loved ones

This is perhaps the most important tip in this list. Though we (me included) could sometimes forget it, relationships should be our top priority.

5. Read something different

I mostly read nonfiction, but in the holiday I read a novel (Dan Brown’s Deception Point, to be exact). It’s refreshing.

6. Go to nature

This may not always be possible (depending on where you go for holiday), but it’s perhaps the best place to go to refresh your mind. I’m lucky because just outside of the town, there is a mountain with fresh air and beautiful view.

7. Connect with old friends

If you happened to go to your home town for holiday (like I did), this is a good idea. There should be some old friends in your home town you haven’t met for long time.

8. Go to unusual places

Try to go to places you rarely (or never) go to. If they are not already your favorite, you can go to places like museum or national park.

9. Make it your “think week”

Granted, you may not have 7 days like Bill Gates for Think Week. But the time when you are away from your routines is the best time to think about how you do things. You can read more about it at Think Week: A Great Way to Get New Insights.

10. Make it your spiritual retreat

Holiday is also good time to fill your spiritual tank. Praying, meditating or reading spiritual texts may give you more when your mind is clear and there is no pressure from your normal routines.


Do you have tips to get the most out of a holiday? I would love to hear from you.

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  1. A problem I’ve had almost every holiday… overplanning. I go off and try to maximize my time by visiting this place, then this place, then that place all in one day. My suggestion (albeit not perfect) would be along the lines of not planning and being okay with doing very little…

    That’s hard for me though heh.

  2. Kris,
    Interesting tip. Yes, we make plan because we want to get the most out of our holiday, but overplanning can actually backfire.

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  5. Great tip. One more thing that can free up your mental tension is assigning your work for the week to a virtual assistant and enjoy your time away.

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