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Passive income is our key to financial freedom. The more passive income we generate, the less dependent we are on our job. At one point, when our passive income exceeds our expenses, we can stop working anytime we want and still live the lifestyle we desire. That is financial freedom.

But passive income takes time to build. You can’t expect to start working on it now and be financially freedom next year unless you are very lucky. So the best time to start is now. The earlier you start working to build your passive income, the sooner you will reap the results.

That’s why I put together this list of free passive income resources. There are a lot free passive income resources out there, but I put only the useful ones here. I hope this list can be a starting point and a companion in your journey toward financial freedom. The list starts with the definitions followed by the e-books, articles, and audio resources.



Articles – General

Articles – Internet Marketing

Articles – Miscellanous


Bonus – Recommended Books

While collecting these resources, I noticed that there are several books which are often mentioned regarding passive income. These books are not free, but I add them here in case you want to learn more about the subject. I have read all of them except the last one. Here they are:


  1. Thank you for linking to my article about building alternative income. Your introduction is precisely what I was trying to explain.

    Good collection of resources here!

  2. great list.
    can you add my link on investing in canroys for passive income & financial freedom?

  3. Pinyo,
    You’re welcome. I love your article. Keep up the good work!

    Living Off,
    I don’t think I will modify this article, but someday perhaps I will create a new resource list on this topic. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. This is a great mix of resources and excellent reminders to keep people on track!

  5. Thanks Donald

    I am learning about passive income at the moment. the trap is trying to do all at the same time. I just have to figure out which one to concentrate on until it works and then move on another one.


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  7. Jordan,
    Thanks! That’s how I hope this list could help people.

    Lack of focus is a problem most of us (including me) face. But you’re right, we should overcome it if we want to succeed.

  8. I read the first few lines of this thing and I am already considering linking to it and its a good resource
    ! Your passive income exceed your expenses you can quit your job anytime and still live the lifestyle you want. Great stuff, where you get this from.

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  10. Richard,
    I first learned about passive income from the book Rich Dad Poor Dad. But then I read about it from many sources. Thanks for stopping by!

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  12. I found this page on Thanks for the great article. I am like other’s here. I found out about passive income from Robert Kiyosaki too. While I may not be rich yet I have paid off a ton of bad debt from passive income I have made in Internet marketing.

    Thanks for the share!

  13. JRE,
    You’re welcome. That you have paid off your debt with passive income is amazing. Internet marketing is also something I’m interested in.

  14. I have read a few of these thwy are great thank you

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  17. There are some really good and interesting links up there. Thanks for sharing and good luck with your own passive earnings. I am most interested in online passive income personally.

  18. Entrepreneur Life,
    I’m glad you find the links useful. Good luck with your passive earnings as well.

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  21. Anything passive still requires our hard work and effort. Income does not come like rain. We need to work more.

  22. wow, very informative post, thanks for sharing

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  25. I like your book and business idea recommendations. Think if people would start right now and work towards becoming financially independent. I talk a lot about this at More people should read these word instead worrying about the doom and gloom of the financial market.

  26. Generating passive income works, but like you said it needs time to build. I have started my online business in 2007 and still I generate only extra income. So yes, it’s passive but not (yet) residual. Selling and marketing is the main issue here. No matter what people might tell you, if you don’t like the though of selling stuff there is NO chance you will be able to generate enough money to quit your off-line job.

    Leonard R.A. Amsterdam NL

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  29. I was so happy to find the real legitimate opportunities which guaranteed money from the comfort of my home. As there are so many scams on the web which are bogus.

  30. […] ways are making templates and ads on this blog. There are many articles( like not by the hour and 20+ Passive Income Resources) that also cover this topic and they show more ways of doing it; however they don’t work for me […]

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  32. Thanks for the useful links. I would recommend this post to all people who want to make some income online.

    Reading your other post about focus, I do believe that the key thing that holds people back from reaching any success when it comes to passive income is the lack of focus.

    Maybe it’s there in the beginning, but then it waivers……

    Thanks again for a great post

  33. THE BEST Book for anyone is called “mastering internet marketing” by Mitch Meyerson.

    You all have got to check it out!

  34. What a great list. Thanks for taking the time to put this together. I was just speaking with a friend today who is truly wanting to do something to ensure financial means for his kids in the future. I can refer him to this article 🙂

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  38. Education is something that I believe never stops. Look at the leaders in business today and you will see unique mastermind’s established to facilitate the operations of their business. Observe the most successful entrepreneurs and it’s apparent the involvement of the education of ongoing mastermind. The Mastermind Principle brings together the necessary skill set for all to create riches and prosper.

    Think and Grow Rich is the book for Millionaires, it is a powerful tool that you can use to focus your mind, setting the mind’s awareness for goal achievement is the paramount principal used to create wealth and riches. Think and Grow Rich is a classic book written by one of the greatest minds in the field of personal development.

    It’s become the original text that thousands of personal development programs have taken their influence and content from.

  39. Thanks fro free e books

  40. I’m busy compiling a page on my website of links, with a brief description, to articles, blogs or websites that can help people work from home, and will definitely be including this post – thanks!

  41. Greate idea! I’ll try to make some passive income soon.

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  43. I just started to learn on how to generate passive income. Your article give me some ideas on how to start with…


  44. Read lots of blogs and you’ll find sites on them that you can make income from. That’s what I do.

  45. Hey! I know I’m a bit late, this post is old, but I had to take the time to congratulate you for having written SUCH A GREAT POST!

    Some serious valuable information right here!


  46. I love passive income. Keeps the bear from the door. Being a designer means you have loads of options for creating passive income.

  47. Good resourse of passive income is this one…take a look,maybe you will like it.

  48. some great links here. Really useful post. Thanks

  49. Fairly new to the internet marketing game looking for good way to make some residual income and generate a good income stream have tried many things any recommendations?

    • Hi Kirk,

      There are many ways to make residual income. One is to offer free Rx discount cards. You make money, per script, each month.
      Another way is to sell discount dental plans. You get 35 percent per dental program sold. Feel free to contact me at

  50. Hi Donald. Yes I too would love to reach that position where we can hang up our hat.

  51. Thanks for another great article, Donald!

    As a budding Entrepreneur I’d love to hear more about your preferred passive income streams and how long it took you to develop them.


  52. Nice article.

    Do you leave off passive income?

  53. Great resource list! I would like to see a list of top-quality blogs dedicated to passive income as well though.

  54. Great Post, your ideas is still working nowadays, thanks for sharing 🙂

  55. Nice list, a lot of good solid information. There is tons of resources out there on the interweb, you just gotta look.

  56. Very Nice

    I am also looking for passive income on the net. Have already read 4 ebooks mentioned. I wish to achieve $50 per day target by year end. presently reaching $3 per day only. If you have any sites or ideas, please inform me on my mail.


    • Hi,

      There are a few ways to make passive income. Giving away free discount cards is a good way to make monthly residual income. Contact me at and I will give you the details.

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  58. This is very informative and inspiring to think about your finances this way.

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