15 Proven Tactics to Fire Up Enthusiasm

Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.
Winston Churchill

The journey to success is long, and enthusiasm is the fuel that sustain you. It is the fire that lights you up and keeps you moving forward in the face of difficulties. It lifts you up when the situation looks dark, and it energizes you when you are tired. That’s why Winston Churchill said that not losing enthusiasm is essential for success.

No matter what happens, ignite your enthusiasm and keep the fire burning. Here are 15 tactics to do that:

1. Find a cause that fire you up

You can only have long-lasting enthusiasm if you have a fire that burns within you. Without it, all your efforts to ignite enthusiasm will only give you short-term results.

So find a cause that you really care about, something that you are willing to put your heart and soul for. If you find it, you will have a strong source of enthusiasm that can sustain you for long term. I believe everyone has such fire, so find yours.

2. Dream a vision

If you have found the cause that fires you up, you should have a clear vision of how the future will be when the cause is fulfilled. Imagine how the life quality of many people will improve. Imagine how this world will become a better place. Can you see how people live at that time? Can you see the smiles on their faces? The more detail you can dream the future, the more it will energize you. The power of vision that comes from a burning cause is amazing.

3. Talk about your vision

Whenever I share my vision, I feel enthusiastic. Even if I have a bad day, I will soon be energized when I talk about my vision.

So share your vision to others. Let them know about your cause and your dream. Not only will you ignite your enthusiasm, you will also fire up the people you share it with.

4. Set audacious goals

Vision deals with the long term, but you should also have goals for the short term. To be inspiring, the goals should be realistic but challenging. Set audacious goals. If the goals are mediocre, they won’t energize you. Only if they are audacious can they inspire you and those who hear you.

5. Put your written vision or goals in prominent place

Sometimes the busyness of life can make us forget about our burning cause and vision. That’s why it’s important to always remind ourselves about them. One effective way to do so is by writing them down and put them in prominent place. Put them on your desk, on your desktop wallpaper, or any other place you can easily see.

6. Remember your victories

It is easy to lose enthusiasm when we face many obstacles along the way. So it is important to remember not just how far we are from our goal but also how far we have walked. Remember your victories and let them remind you of what you can do. You have made a difference in the past, so there is no reason why you can’t make a difference in the future.

7. Create a "power station"

After spending your whole day working and facing difficulties, it will be uplifting to come to a place where you can be recharged. You could create a "power station", a place where you can come and recharge your enthusiasm. You can use your office space or a room at home, and put motivational posters, pictures of your past victories, pictures of your dreams, or anything else that energize you.

8. Memorize some quotes that resonate with you

Inspiring quotes are good to motivate and encourage you. By memorizing them, you will have them handy whenever you need them. The quotes do not have to be somebody else’s sayings. They can also be the words you get through your own reflections and experiences.

9. Speak out positive words

Rather than thinking about them, speaking out positive words often gives better results. In my experience, this is one of the fastest ways to turn a situation around. By speaking out positive words, you can quickly light the fire in you.

10. Listen to uplifting music

Do you have some songs that you know can energize you? You should put them in your music player, so that whenever you feel weary, you can listen to them and be lifted up.

11. Listen to motivational podcasts / audio program

Similarly, you may have some favorite podcasts or audio program that motivate you. Put them in your music player and listen to them whenever you need it.

12. Put motivational images

Motivational images can feed you visually with positive input. You can set them as your desktop wallpapers, put them in your room, or place them on your desk.

13. Replace negative thoughts

Whenever negative thoughts start coming to your mind, don’t let them settle. Fight them back with the positive thoughts of your cause, vision, or values. If you leave them, they will take root and quench your fire.

14. Gather with enthusiastic friends

The truth is, no matter how hard you try, it’s often difficult to maintain enthusiasm when you are alone. It will be much easier if you gather with some enthusiastic friends. This way, when you are weary, their fire can ignite yours. In turn, when they are weary, your fire can ignite theirs. This way you will always have fresh fire transferred from your surrounding. The first step to do is to look around and find the people that can potentially do that.

15. Get rid of naysayers

While gathering around enthusiastic friends can energize you, gathering around naysayers will do the opposite: they will take away whatever positive energy you have. So avoid them at all costs. Of course, sometimes you need to reach out to them, but  be sure that you energize them and not they take away your energy. You should always be open to constructive criticism, but avoid people who just make you down without giving constructive feedbacks.

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  2. Great post! Thanks….

  3. Great Post! Completely agree with #15 – Get rid of naysayers. I call them ‘Energy Vampires’. They add no value to your life at all. Be gone!

  4. Etavitom,
    Welcome! I’m glad you find it useful.

    I love the term “energy vampire”! It’s funny and clearly describes their characteristics 🙂

  5. Wonderful post, I’ve voted it well in StumbleUpon 🙂

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  6. Hi Donald,

    Great post. I particularly liked #15 – Getting rid of the naysayers. Everyone’s an expert! Having a power station and surrounding yourself with friends who motivate you is also a great booster. Thanks.


  7. Welcome, Carlos! Let’s fire up our enthusiasm 🙂

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  13. It is the most inspiring advice I have ever read. Thank you. Neverthess, pptimism is gone, so is enthusiasm if pessimism overules. Either way, it is your life, you are still the master of your destiny while life still encaves you. Life or Death?

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