50+ Free Resources for Effective Reading

(I plan to continuously update this page as I discover new resources. That’s why I use 50+ instead of a fix number for the title of this post.)




Speed reading




Collections of articles






Speed reader



  1. Also check out WordFlashReader, which is another RSVP application which works on both Windows and Linux.

  2. Thanks, wvarner! I will include WordFlashReader when I update the list.

  3. Hi Donald,
    very comprehensive list. I am very fond of reading and this was very helpful to me,


  4. Incredible list! Thank you for putting together such a valuable resource.

  5. @Sham and Kim:
    I love reading and I really feel the need to improve my reading skill. That’s why I compile this list. I’m glad if you also find it useful. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. […] 50+ Free Resources for Effective Reading. (via Book Glutton) […]

  7. Venugopalan Muralidharan
    Venugopalan Muralidharan

    Superb Collection I am a school administrator and teacher. Hatsoff to you.I want you to address my teachers through video conference. thank you vey much
    CEO & Correspondent
    Veera savarkar Netaji Matriculation School
    Agaram, Chennai -600082

  8. V.Muralidharan.
    Thanks for your kind words! I would love to help you. Unfortunately, my Internet connection is not fast enough for video conference.

  9. Excellent resource. You can also check out Speed Reader-X, which is an online speed reading program.

  10. I’m looking for speed reading program that can support reading Chinese text. Please provide me leads for such resources.

    Thanks in advance.

    Yu Shen

  11. You might also want to add this free speed reading software to your list as well.

  12. Thanks for posting links to my videos: “Learn to Speed Read” and “Speed reading practice”. You can find more information on my official website: krismadden.com

  13. Hi, you might like to try my RSVP reader extension for Firefox, called Reasy, it has a different presentation:


    I have also begun a Chrome version:


  14. Hey great stuff – that is a comprehensive list with some excellent resources that my readers will also appreciate 🙂

  15. I recommend free online programs to speed reading on

  16. I use Ubuntu and it seems that there is no compatible speed reading software available. This site is a great idea, but the last time it was updated was in 2007. Hopefully there have been developments since.

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