Self-Check: Do You Grow?

How do you know that you grow? There are so many books, blogs and seminars about personal development and personal growth. But how do you know that you really grow? How do you know that all your personal development efforts actually pay off?

Very simple. Just give an honest answer to this question:

When you look at yourself one year back, do you see someone who is much less experienced and knowledgeable than you are now?

If your answer is yes, then you grow. If your answer is no … well, I won’t say that you don’t grow, but your growth is not significant enough.

My goal is to be able to answer yes whenever I ask this question to myself.

A simple example:
In my life, one area I can clearly see such thing is my blogging. Usually, I write several post which I don’t directly publish as backup for busy days. So in case I get very busy those days, I can publish these posts to keep my blog running. However, after doing it for several months I observe an interesting phenomenon: there are posts which I wrote several months back which I haven’t published until now! On the other hand, many of the backup posts I wrote recently have been published. Why does it happen? Simple: because in my current view, those old posts are no longer good enough! They can no longer meet my current standard of quality. I’m glad when I observe this because it means that my standard has grown over time. Of course, the question above covers not just one aspect like blogging, but all aspects of our life.


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  2. Hi Donald, personal growth is an interesting process to explore and evaluate. I have several questions I ask myself and my clients to assess progress.
    1. How is the inner dialogue going – is it supportive and encouraging and have you shrunk the inner critic?
    2. How would you rate your inner peace? 1) being quiet and peaceful inside, 3) contained chaos, 5) mind is in fear and running you ?
    3. Are you proactive or reactive with your personal goals, relationships, health, fitness, money management, emotions, and spirit
    4. Is your heart expanding or contracting towards others and situations as you go through your day?
    To read more about personal growth check out

  3. Those are very interesting questions, Joseph. They dig deep into someone’s heart and mind. By the way, your blog is also very interesting. Thanks for stopping by!

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