Making the Most of Your Time Through Opportunities

The way to make the most of your time is through opportunities. How? Very simple: never waste any opportunity that come to you, instead make the most of it. Even further, never wait until opportunities come to you, but go and find them!

So there are two things here:

  1. Get as many opportunities as you can
    How can you get as many opportunities as possible? The key is exposure. Expose yourself as much as possible to places where opportunities can come. Get to know the people around you, join events, talk to new people. The more exposure you have, the more the probability that an opportunity will come. People call this luck, but luck actually favors those with the most exposure.
  2. Make the most of each of opportunity
    Once an opportunity come, jump and get the most of it! The key here is massive action. There is always a price to pay. So be quick, work hard, and pay the price. Remember, the opportunity will not be there forever. That’s why we have the term “window of opportunity”. Get as much value as possible before the window closes.

The total value you get from those opportunities are precisely the total value you get from your time. Increase the number of opportunities, and increase the value you get from each. This way you can get more and more from your time. Remember, the two keys are exposure and massive action.


  1. The most difficult thing to achieve is finding opportunities. Once you manage this, then it is easy to make use of them.

  2. Finding opportunities indeed is difficult. I believe that exposure can help us find them though. Not 100% guaranteed, but at least the probability is higher.

  3. how do you know when an opportunity comes

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