Be Dare to Experiment

Yes, be dare to experiment ! In life optimization, experiment is very important. In fact, I think experiment is an integral part of life optimization. There is no life optimization without experiment. Or to be exact, there is no life optimization without continuous experiment.

Why ? The answer lies back on the word “optimization” itself. Optimization means that we try to get the most of something. It is a continous process. We always want to find better and better ways of doing something. In computer science for example, the process of finding faster and more efficient algorithms is an “eternal” process, it will never stop.

streamingThe same thing applies to life optimization. It is an eternal process in which we will never reach an end where we can say “stop” and “enough”. Furthermore, in this process, the only way to make progress is by finding new and better ways of doing things. And the only way to find these new and better ways is by trying something, well, new. In other word, it’s experiment.

Be willing to experiment here means that we must have:

  1. Open mind.
    Something that we believe as the “best practice” may very possibly be proven otherwise in the future. So, we must have an open mind to accept something new. Or as scientists say, we must have the will to doubt to the current “theory” to accept the new one.
  2. Flexibility
    Not just in mind, we must also be ready to change our “workflow engine” at any time. Experiment means that sometimes we need to change our workflow pattern to accommodate the new practices we want to try.

Of course, the results of experiments are not always positive. There are times when our experiment ends in failure. But that is also a lesson in itself, because at least we know that we should not do it that way. That’s also a progress, right ?

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