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The more I learn about the lives of great people, the more I know that many of them are voracious readers. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are two contemporary examples. My favorite example, though, is Theodore Roosevelt (TR). While he was at the White House, TR read at least one book a day, even when  [ Read More ]

Note: This is a guest post from Michael ‘Sean’ Kaminsky of Video Regeneration Got video? Not long ago, video cameras were mainly owned by pro videographers and home enthusiasts. Now with a camera stashed in nearly every phone, digital camera and laptop, you are more likely to struggle to find a working pen than a  [ Read More ]

Note: This is a guest post from Jonathan Beebe of Develop Minds You may know all the reasons why you should keep a journal, but if you’ve never written in a journal before, or have limited experience with it, you may not exactly know how to get started. You’ve got your notebook out, and a  [ Read More ]

The Benefits of Keeping a Journal

Posted by Donald Latumahina 22 Comments

If you want to grow, one important thing you should do is keeping a journal. It may seem simple, but it can make a big difference in your life. I myself have been journaling for years. Writing all the lessons I learn and all the ideas I get has become a habit for me. And  [ Read More ]

Last month I wrote the post How to Live Your Books and Not Just Read Them. There I introduced the idea of “most important books” (MIBs) which says that you should treat some very important books differently to get maximum benefit. Reader Ann M. Mione took the idea and created a bookmark template based on  [ Read More ]

Reading books is one thing, but actually living them is another thing. Many people just read a book without ever living it. But as you know, you can never get full benefit from a book if you just read it without putting it into practice. Of course, it is easier said than done. Most of  [ Read More ]