5 Practical Ways to Review Your Year

We are entering the last week of 2015. The best way to use it, in my opinion, is to review your year and prepare yourself for the coming year. That way you will have a great start in 2016.

Here are five ways to review your year:

1. Review your life map.

Your life map contains the big picture of your life. It can help you see the overall direction of your life.

Check how your life has been throughout the years including 2015. Is your life moving in the right direction? Did you get distracted along the way? How would you project your life’s direction into 2016?

2. Review your successes.

What are the things that went well in 2015? What have you done right? Keep them in mind to keep doing them in 2016.

3. Review your failures.

Failures are your stepping stones to success. If you had some failures in 2015, that’s good because that means you tried something new. You didn’t just stay in your comfort zone.

Failures, however, will only become stepping stones if you learn from them. So what lessons did you learn from your failures?

4. Review your five aspects of life.

There are five aspects of life. You need to balance and grow in them. So review your five aspects of life. Which one do you think will need the most attention in 2016?

5. Review your priorities.

Sometimes busyness can distract you from your priorities. So it’s important that you reconnect with your priorities.

What do you think is the most important thing in your life? Was the way you spend your time aligned with it? If not, find ways to fix it.


Use this week to review your year and prepare for the coming year. You will then be on your way to having a great start in 2016.

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