Firefox 2 with GTDGmail

I’ve just upgraded to Firefox 2 tonight. Well, I know it’s a bit late since Firefox 2 has been around for a while, but I chose to wait since I want to make sure that most of my extensions can be upgraded properly (you know, there some extensions I can’t live without).

So I decide to upgrade tonight, and it works: all my important Firefox extensions are properly upgraded. Furthermore, I get a nice surprise too: the new GTDGmail extension is really slick ! I love it (by the way, GTDGmail is an extension that will change the interface of Gmail to make it conform to Getting Things Done methodology).

The new GTDGmail (version 1.31) adds a dropdown box in the upper part of Gmail to make it easier to access GTD functionalities. Besides, the left pane is also collapsable now. But best of all, it provides keyboard shortcuts ! If I press Ctrl-Shift-M (which is configurable in the Options menu), a “map” will appear which show all GTD parts. Then I can easily move to those parts in a few keystrokes. A real time saver.

I know I love GTDGmail (I’ve been using it for months), but I think I will love it even more.