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A Defining Trait of the Winners

Posted by Donald Latumahina 6 Comments

What do you think makes the difference between winners and losers? While there could be multiple answers to this question, there is one that I’d like to focus on here: Winners make the most of what they have while losers complain about what they don’t have. Losers say things like these: “If only ….” “I  [ Read More ]

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The Two Elements of True Success

Posted by Donald Latumahina 4 Comments

What is your definition of success? Your answer to this question is important because it determines how you approach life. It becomes the basis of your decision-making. Many people define success as being wealthy and/or famous. They think that someone who is wealthy is more successful than those who aren’t. As a result, making money  [ Read More ]

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The Danger of the Comfort Zone

Posted by Donald Latumahina 4 Comments

I like to read the stories of great people, and recently I read the story of Andrew Carnegie. It’s an inspiring story; I learned a lot from it. Here I’d like to share an important lesson I learned from it with you. The lesson comes from the contrast between Andrew Carnegie and his father, Will  [ Read More ]

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We are now in July. That means the first half of this year has passed, and we are entering the second half. Many people wait until the end of the year before reflecting on their lives, but I think it’s a good idea to do it now. Why? Because you still have half a year  [ Read More ]

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I like to learn from the lives of others, and one of the things I’ve learned is that life consists of seasons. You don’t always live the same way. You don’t always do the same things. Instead, there are seasons in your life. Your ability to make the most of these seasons is essential to  [ Read More ]

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Note: This is a guest post by Michael Rank of History in Five Minutes Podcast In the late 1800s, a doctor visited a wealthy couple in New York to examine their sickly son. He was severely asthmatic, a condition often fatal in those days. Dr. Dudley Sargent told him that due to this condition and  [ Read More ]

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