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How to Become a Pro

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“Being a professional is doing the things you love to do, on the days you don’t feel like doing them.” ~ Julius Erving What do you think is necessary to succeed in your field? What do you think is a key ingredient for success? An important thing, I believe, is being a professional. What does  [ Read More ]

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I recently came across an interesting article titled Microsoft’s Odd Couple. In the article, Paul Allen – the co-founder of Microsoft – told the story of how he and Bill Gates met and started Microsoft. I find the article insightful. It contains many lessons on how to be successful at what you do. Here are  [ Read More ]

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Do you want to boost your personal growth? If you do, then what you must do is this: expand your comfort zone. The fact is, we all have a narrow world where we feel comfortable. Life is easy there. You can go through your day almost on autopilot. That, however, is not the way to  [ Read More ]

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Are you satisfied with your results? If your answer is no and you want to improve them, then what you must do is this: Change the way you do things. The fact is, your results come from your processes. They don’t come out of nowhere. Your exam grade, for instance, comes from your study. So  [ Read More ]

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As you might know, I have a background in software development. I majored in IT, and computer programming is one of my passions. I’d like to share with you some self-improvement lessons I have learned from the world of software development. In software development, an application (or app, for short) always has a version number.  [ Read More ]

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A Simple Way to Be Happy

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Everyone, of course, wants to be happy. People do all kinds of things to achieve that. But I believe that there is actually a simple way to be happy. If you do it, you are pretty much guaranteed to be happy. Do you want to know what it is? Simple: Be grateful for what you  [ Read More ]

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