You need motivation to achieve success in life. Without motivation, it’s easy to give up when you meet difficulties and challenges on the way to success. Fortunately, there are motivational books that can help you fire up yourself and boost your motivation.

Here are some motivational books I recommend:

Success Built to Last

Success Built to Last - Motivational BooksThis book gives you the essence of living a life that matters. There are a lot of proven advice in this book that are based on the experiences of many successful people. This book talks about many topics related to living a fulfilling life like how to find your passions, how to find the courage to pursue them, and how to deal with failure.

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Fire Them Up!

Fire Them Up - Motivational Books This book helps you not just to motivate yourself, but also to motivate others. This way you can have a winning team that work together around a common purpose. This book gives you seven secrets to inspire others based on what many successful people do. The seven secrets are ignite your enthusiasm, navigate the way, sell the benefit, paint a picture, invite participation, reinforce an optimistic outlook, and encourage their potential.

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Personal Development for Smart People

Personal Development for Smart PeopleNo matter how bad you feel your situation is, you can always improve your life. This book touches the essence of personal development by explaining the core principles of personal growth: truth, power, love, oneness, courage, authority, and intelligence. These principles are then applied to multiple areas of your life such as relationships, career, spirituality, health, and money. By reading this book, you will be motivated to grow yourself to achieve your fullest potential.

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